24 November 2003

Iron Bowl Reflections

I wish that I could sit here at my keyboard and pontificate to you through the power of prose about the intricacies and emotion that make the Auburn vs. Alabama rivalry as I experienced them just two nights previous. It is, as my guide Matthew told me yesterday, "An experience....one that should be be seen and felt by everyone."

I realize that not all two readers of this modest blog are sports fans, but the experience Matt speaks of is not meant to be felt by lovers of the pigskin alone.

The following is an excerpt from a comment I made on a favorite blog of mine.

Forgive my laziness, as it is ingrained and cannot be harnessed. I didn't feel the need to re-write, so enjoy:

Let me just add that there tend to be a number of times when you are shooting an event, whatever it may be, where you feel that you're watching it on TV.

You don't feel it enough to do it in your underwear, but it's a strange feeling nonetheless.

I had this feeling on numerous occasions, but the one that stands out most is Auburn's latest stud running back Carnell Williams' 80 yard run on the first play from scrimmage.

As I'm working to keep Carnell in frame and in focus, I recall vaguely the deafening collective roar and moan of the entire state of Alabama that engulfed me, and through it all, I felt like I wasn't really experiencing this moment in person.
It's a weird and odd feeling to think that later on that night, I thought:

"I just witnessed what was probably the greatest moment in that kid's (Carnell) life, and a defining moment in arguably the greatest rivalry in sports, and I thought I was watching it on TV."

One other note: My buddy Matt that was shooting in the opposite end zone, said when he realized that he didn't have the shot, he just "sat back and took it all in."

He is, as you might have guessed, an Auburn fan. A man with bragging rights. At least, that is, until next year.

18 November 2003

Slaying the Great Beast

How does one stop the almighty Chiefs?

The Bengals figured it out, and this guy basically wrote it verbatim.

Raiders, are you taking any notes?
Fall of the Unbeaten

Somewhere, the '72 Dolphins are smiling. After the upstart Bengals defeated the unbeaten Kansas City Chiefs by a score of 24-19, you can bet that all the members of the NFL's only unbeaten team in its history were pretty happy to see their record live on for another year.

As a Chiefs fan, I would normally be very hurt by this, as some might say, "devastating" loss.

I'm not.

In fact, I'm glad that the monkey is off their back. Anyone who thinks an NFL team can go undefeated in this day and age is not tapped into reality.

That said, it is my hope that KC moves on and learns from this loss and uses it as a wake up call for the entire team.

They're going to need it.

After all, it is Raider Week.

10 November 2003

I Love the 80s - Cyberspace Edition

Care to try out your 80s lyric knowledge? I got a 106.5....so sit on that, Potsie.

Click away, dear reader, click away.

09 November 2003

Heap of Crap

Let me preface that saying that I am not a Baltimore Ravens fan, but I do run a fantasy football team.

I wish I could say that my all world TE Todd Heap, who as a tight end leads his TEAM in receptions and receiving yards, gets a fair shake.

He doesn't.

I don't know what official he pissed off, but in the last 3 weeks, he's had countless defenders blatantly tackle him before he touches the ball. About 10 % of these are called.

One week, they waived off a tremendous TD catch that people are still talking about.

What the officials are allowing teams to do to him is unbelievable....and yes, their incompetence has already cost me one win this year, maybe another tonight.

There. I feel much better.
THE BOSS Knows All

How's this for a rumor?

Some of the hot talk around the Majors is Carlos Beltran for Alphonso Soriano.

I don't know the Boss is that stupid, but he has surprised me before.
Desperately Seeking John (Fecenda)

From the "Am I alone here?" File:

Is it just me...or is there anyone else out there that prays for the day that they bring back the "Ultimate NFL Matchups" where NFL Films splices together footage from the great teams in NFL History and they "play" a simulated game to prove who's truly the best?

Sure, you can get your fix on the WhatIfSports.com engine (which I highly recommend), but it's not the same as hearing Lombardi bitch and moan about a questionable catch by Jerry Rice from Joe Montana?

Anybody with me on this one?