31 October 2004

29 October 2004

Crooked Rain on the Pavement

"Go back to those Gold Soundz...
...Because it's something that I don't like
Is it a crisis or a boring change?"
-- Lyric from "Gold Soundz"

A couple of days ago, perhaps to help cheer me up from the rough play of the Cards in the World Series, I re-visited an old friend in a new way.

Pavement is at it again, a year after re-releasing their critically-acclaimed debut album Slanted & Enchanted with a ReDuxe double disc version.

Tuesday came a steady rain.

The defunct band's sophomore effort (and my personal favorite) hit stores this week and I nearly missed the festivites. Not that there were any, but you get the idea.

Matador Records brings another excellent re-release, with 2 discs packed with b-sides, tons of unreleased material, and much more.

If you feel a nostalgic itch to re-visit one of the best albums of the 90's, I highly recommend this journey, especially if you're discovering the band for the first time.

Pavement has never sounded better.

22 October 2004

Working The Count

In the midst of all the celebration, let me take my Debbie Downer position on the soapbox for a moment:

Brian Gunn of Redbird Nation had this to write in his celebratory post following last night's Game 7 victory, sending our beloved Cardinals to the World Series:

"Rolen's homer was set up by the good looks our hitters got of Roger Clemens early on."

For my money, this was one of the forgotten themes of the games in Houston. Those ball games are different if the Cards work the count.
Walker, Pujols, Rolen, Renteria...they understood that.

Last night, the Cards looked like that scary team making a pitcher work for outs. Hopefully, it continues to be a trend and not a mirage.

Tony Womack showed us last night the size of his heart and the kind of play that made him a sparkplug for this team's success. As heroic a game that he played last night, I hope in the WS he recognizes the importance of making that guy on the hill sweat and remembers to take a few pitches for the good of the team.

With that in mind,

Go Cards!

Dreaming in Red

The St. Louis Cardinals battle The Boston Red Sox for the World Championship of the World.

Rematch of the 1946 and 1967 World Series.

The Names:
Williams. Musial. Gibson. Yaz. Boyer. Brock. Flood.

Now we can add some more:
Pujols. Ortiz. Rolen. Ramirez. Edmonds. Schilling. Walker. Martinez. Renteria. Damon. Foulke. Izzy, just to name a few.

A battle between two teams with arguably the best fans in the game collectively.

Red Sox Nation versus Cardinal Nation.

Fenway Park. Busch Stadium.

Tradition. Excellence. Class.

St. Louis. Boston.

Perfect for a series dubbed "The Fall Classic".
Baseball the right way. The Cardinal Way. The Red Sox Way.

Somebody pinch me. Actually, dont...I don't want to wake up.

See you boys on Saturday. Save me a seat on the Green Mon-stah.

16 October 2004

Stewart v. Crossfire (The Media)

If only I had seen it live. Jon Stewart fought the media, and won.

A real shocker, I know.

Nevertheless, IFilm has a streaming file of the exchange between Jon Stewart and the CNN Crossfire team from earlier today.

Plus, engaging in battle with a guy named Tucker, the odds have to be pretty safe in your court.

If you haven't heard about it, it was brutal...but a long time coming.

Alas, words cannot do this bout justice, therefore I implore you to check out the stream on IFilm.

Of course, if you can't wait for the stream or suffer from low bandwidth, check out the transcript here.

In the spirit of the Yankee-Sox clash, it was a real donnybrook on CNN. Great stuff.

What I found most hypocritical about Tucker Carlson in this exchange was his lamenting to Stewart with regard to his "softball" questions to John Kerry, while at the same time, dismissing and ignoring Stewart's pointed barbs directed toward him about his journalistic practices.
In actuality, he should have been applauding Stewart for his tough critique of the Media machine.
Instead, he was proving Stewart's point.

Tucker, my man, the difference between John Stewart and you is that you're supposed to resemble a real news commentator.
Jon's job is to satirize it. His job isn't to do your job or your colleagues' jobs.

Anyway, check it out.

15 October 2004

The No-Spank Zone

Bill O'Reilly A Sexual Deviant?

Surely you jest.

Of course, it may just be an impression that I get from reading the 22 page sexual harrasement suit filed against him by a former female co-worker.

I'm sure that Keith Olbermann's diatribe about the host of "The O'Reilly Factor" alleged legal speedbump is merely another attack in the long line of liberal assaults on said public servant.

I mean, this is one of the most powerful men in the media today. Why would he abuse his power?

I'm sure all will be straightened out in the long run and Mr. O'Reilly will be vindicated.


14 October 2004

The New Blog's Here!

Kerry. Bush. The Final Debate.

Screw that.

Bloggermann makes her maiden voyage tonight.

Sure, it's a round-by-round analysis of said debate, but is that the real story here?

Countdown's Keith Olbermann with his own blog to call his own?
Now that's a event I can get behind.

In case you're interested, Here's Olbermann's final debate scorecard:

Rounds won now adjusted to
Kerry 12
Bush 5
Even 4.

Net points now adjusted to
Kerry 18
Bush 3

Sorry, W.
Keith's previous debate scorecards

13 October 2004

Episode III - Nerd Alert

TheForce.Net has recently posted a description of the Episode III trailer. You've been warned.

Plus, in their effort to provide the info and maintain complete sleuth-i-ness, the top fan site has cloaked the passage in white colored font.
To read this, simply highlight the area by clicking and holding your mouse.

Because I feel like ruining it for you, I've included said text of the Episode III trailer spoiler below.

Read at your own risk!


"Familiar voice over with Alec Guinness. Fans will love to hear him speak his monologue to Luke from A New Hope about "Jedi Knights always being the guardians of peace." As we hear these familiar phrases, they've intercut shots from various Star Wars episodes, excluding Episode 3. Only when the monologue ends with "Vader was seduced by the dark side of the Force" about 40 seconds into the trailer do we see the face of Anakin. He is partly covered with dark hood, looking positively evil.
This is followed by the shot of erupting volcanoes, then some sort of volcanic field with crab-like creatures and then darkness, all accompanied by Vader breathing. Then the following is heard:
Sidious: "Lord Vader..."
Vader: "Yes?"
Sidious: "Rise."
Then we see Anakin in full Vader gear rising on some sort of operating table to which he is chained. The rising is slow and is intercut with shot of various Star Wars main characters. When the table has fully risen so that Vader is basically standing upright, the meatiest part of trailer begins, with many, many shots from Episode III. Most of them are very, very short - this will be something for freeze-frame fanatics to analyze.
The ones that stuck in my memory:
Dozens of Wookiees on some sort of floating platform.
Padme with signature Leia hairdo.
The Tri-Fighter, aka the precursor to the TIE fighter with three curving wings and guns mounted between each wing. They shoot red lasers.
The ARC Clonefigthter, aka the precursor to X-Wing, with three wings on each side.
A gigantic starship being sprayed by streams of something that looks like dense acid.
The trailer ends with the title "THE SAGA IS COMPLETE - MAY 2005"

- TheForce.Net

Consolation Prize

Looking for that special something to warm the hearts of the broken BoSox fan in your life?

This site offers that and so much more.

Send along to them the gift that keep on giving...shit all year long to f$%#$#% Yankee fans.

11 October 2004

Is Bush Wired?

Mr. President, is that a bulge in your jacket or are you just glad to see me?

Was our Commander-In-Chief wired at the debate last Friday?

As one TV biz commenter pointed out, the tell-tale signs were there: darting eyes, slight pause, etc.

Judge for yourself.

07 October 2004

The New Murderers' Row

The 2004 Cardinals continue their season long onslaught on helpless NL pitching tonight in Game 2.

L.A.'s starter: Jeff Weaver.

The paramedics are on standby.

06 October 2004

A Little Pressure, Chief

Stop what you're doing, run to your nearest record supplier and buy the new Cake album, Pressure Chief. It's that good.

You heard me. Go!

Debate Mano-a-Olbermanno

Edwards. Cheney. The Debate.

You wanted the best...you got the best.

Countdown's Keith Olbermann weighs in with his round-by-round Blog Bout of the Vice Presidential Debate.


Special Note: Our man Mr. Olbermann is also getting a Blog soon.

Keep a look out for

In Klein We Trust

Check out comedienne Jessi Klein's take on last week's debate on her CNN Blog.

If you wondering who the @#$% is Jessi Klein...she's very funny and a contributer to Best Week Ever.

Here's a little taste:

"Watching Bush talk always gives me that feeling like when you're watching an alcoholic uncle give a toast at a wedding - you're just kind of hoping he'll get through it without messing up too bad, but he inevitably does."

Have another, Uncle W.