22 October 2004

Dreaming in Red

The St. Louis Cardinals battle The Boston Red Sox for the World Championship of the World.

Rematch of the 1946 and 1967 World Series.

The Names:
Williams. Musial. Gibson. Yaz. Boyer. Brock. Flood.

Now we can add some more:
Pujols. Ortiz. Rolen. Ramirez. Edmonds. Schilling. Walker. Martinez. Renteria. Damon. Foulke. Izzy, just to name a few.

A battle between two teams with arguably the best fans in the game collectively.

Red Sox Nation versus Cardinal Nation.

Fenway Park. Busch Stadium.

Tradition. Excellence. Class.

St. Louis. Boston.

Perfect for a series dubbed "The Fall Classic".
Baseball the right way. The Cardinal Way. The Red Sox Way.

Somebody pinch me. Actually, dont...I don't want to wake up.

See you boys on Saturday. Save me a seat on the Green Mon-stah.
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