16 October 2004

Stewart v. Crossfire (The Media)

If only I had seen it live. Jon Stewart fought the media, and won.

A real shocker, I know.

Nevertheless, IFilm has a streaming file of the exchange between Jon Stewart and the CNN Crossfire team from earlier today.

Plus, engaging in battle with a guy named Tucker, the odds have to be pretty safe in your court.

If you haven't heard about it, it was brutal...but a long time coming.

Alas, words cannot do this bout justice, therefore I implore you to check out the stream on IFilm.

Of course, if you can't wait for the stream or suffer from low bandwidth, check out the transcript here.

In the spirit of the Yankee-Sox clash, it was a real donnybrook on CNN. Great stuff.

What I found most hypocritical about Tucker Carlson in this exchange was his lamenting to Stewart with regard to his "softball" questions to John Kerry, while at the same time, dismissing and ignoring Stewart's pointed barbs directed toward him about his journalistic practices.
In actuality, he should have been applauding Stewart for his tough critique of the Media machine.
Instead, he was proving Stewart's point.

Tucker, my man, the difference between John Stewart and you is that you're supposed to resemble a real news commentator.
Jon's job is to satirize it. His job isn't to do your job or your colleagues' jobs.

Anyway, check it out.
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