18 November 2004

Stoops to a New Level

I'm a transplant to the South right in the middle of Auburn - Georgia Country.

For all my life prior to this move, I lived in the heart of Big12/Big 8 country and regarded myself to be a staunch Big 12 apologist.

After seeing the SEC up close for the past 3 years, I can say without a doubt that the SEC is the best conference in college football, year in and year out.

I submit that to run the table in the SEC, a team should be awarded an automatic bid to the national title game.

Good Luck to Auburn, who in the wake of this tough situation, have carried themselves with the upmost respect and class in this flawed BCS system.

The same can't be said for Coach Bob Stoops.

09 November 2004

(Don't) Lay Off Jimmy

"Jimmy's been checking you out....Jimmy likes what he sees."
-- Jimmy, Seinfeld

What about that title reminds me of a Glass Tiger? Oh well...

Somehow, someway, Jimmy Eat World still manage to amaze me.

If you haven't heard their new album, Futures, I recommend it highly....think a fusion of the pop hooks of Bleed American and the vunerablity in Clarity.

If you have listened to it once or twice and dismissed, don't throw in the towel.

Much like the great Wilco, this album will grow. Just add a little water and love.

Patience, my friend.
An aside regarding the title:

Kirsten and I have discussed before about the whole parentheses thing with some pop bands. We basically concluded that the record execs enforce this tactic based on their view of the buying masses as "dumb". Surely the only way we'll know that song is if the title is expanded to include the whole line in the song's hook.

Hook? Line? Ah, that's too easy.

This post written to the musical aid of Pet Sounds & SMiLE by The Beach Boys

05 November 2004

Concession Stand

The Best Week Ever Blog puts it all so eloquently:

“My advice to you is to start drinking heavily"
--Animal House