27 November 2008

5 Gadgets You Can't Skimp On (And How to Save Money Buying)

we've made a list of things you can't afford to cheap out on, because doing so will bite you in the ass later. Still, since we like you, we're also sharing how to save a bit of money in the process, so the whole not-cheaping-out thing doesn't hurt as much.

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26 November 2008

25 websites to sign up to before Christmas

What if you can’t stand your family, and would much rather be chomping your turkey dinner down in front of the green-ish glow of your computer monitor, instead? T3 pulled toghether 25 sites you should sign up to before Christmas, so you’ll have many networks of strangers to escape to when your aunties start arguing about how to make gravy.

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Why I switched from Firefox to Chrome

Sorry if it sounds like I'm drinking the Google Kool-Aid here, but I switched from Mozilla Firefox to Google Chrome as my default browser for the very reason Google's executives said we should: speed.

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21 November 2008

Einstein's Formula Finally Proven

Whattayaknow? The old bastard with crazy hair WAS right.It's taken more than a century, but Einstein's celebrated formula e=mc2 has finally been corroborated, thanks to a heroic computational effort by French, German and Hungarian physicists.

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30 Awesome Photoshop Text Effects Tutorials

Take a look at this new roundup of 30 Awesome Photoshop Text Effects Tutorials.

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20 November 2008

Happy Anniversary to Calvin and Hobbes!

Happy Anniversary to Calvin and Hobbes! It was November 18, 1985 (I know, I’m a day late), that the precocious little boy and his sage stuffed tiger/real tiger first hit comic pages across America. So, I thought I’d hit you guys with a little C&H trivia… I know, it’s not nearly enough to fill the void Bill Watterson has left us.

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19 November 2008

KO Pimps The Goodwill!

She's talking about Festival of Trees, Goodwill's big Xmas event starting Nov. 28th (Black Friday). Go check out the trees. More info here:

Photographer tries to capture Earth's artistry

NEW YORK - Environmentalists have long struggled with how to jar people into action. Greenpeace is known for its stunts, other groups file lawsuits and still others focus on community events.

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Is Recycling Worth It? The Economic and Environmental Impact

Americans haul 82 million tons of trash to recycling centers each year. But does it pay off—for the environment or the economy? PM has some real answers.

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18 November 2008

The 100 Greatest Movie Characters of All Time

well, actually, more than we believe in that joker who’s still on her cell. For this list, we’ve shunned biopics, which begin with a filmmaker’s mission to do justice to reality. Here we’re giving priority to people who never were—but who are always with us movie lovers.

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17 November 2008

The 100 Greatest Movie Lines

The lines that people love most come not necessarily from the most revered films in the canon (though Casablanca and Citizen Kane are represented), but from down-to-earth comedies or action films (Ahem, "I'll be baaack!") that grabbed the audience on a visceral level. Whatever the genre of the film, these small bits of dialogue are important:

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15 November 2008

MEG - PRECIOUS (Kittie Dance Clip)

This video is fantastic. Love the song. Love the cats.

Thanks to Chris and Melissa for this gem. Please to enjoy.

14 November 2008

Get Your War On: New World Order

courtesy 236.com

Please to enjoy.

Get the latest news satire and funny videos at 236.com.

New WATCHMEN Trailer is up!

Check it...or don't.

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12 Principles For Keeping Your Code Clean

Beautiful HTML is the foundation of a beautiful website. When I teach people about CSS, I always begin by telling them that good CSS can only exist with equally good HTML markup. A house is only as strong as its foundation, right? The advantages of clean, semantic HTML are many, yet so many websites suffer from poorly written markup.

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13 November 2008

RBI Baseball - Bunt Home Run

If you've played RBI Baseball enough, you've no doubt seen the rare but not unthinkable bunt home run. Thanks to the way that the fielders get glued to their bases so quickly, it's possible for a bunt to get past the remaining infielders and, RBI Baseball is played on not grass but green ice, the ball can make it all the wall. good times!

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12 November 2008

How 10 Famous Technology Products Got Their Names

From iPod and BlackBerry to Twitter and Wikipedia, we take a look at the processes and people who came up with the names for these iconic tech products.

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Gay Marriage: A Question of Love


11 November 2008

Google launches video chat for Gmail

Google is rolling out video and voice capabilities for the chat function that is embedded in the Gmail interface. It's a bare-bones voice and video-conferencing service, but it's simple to install and use and is a very good addition to Gmail.

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17 Free Photoshop Cheatsheets and Reference Cards

17 Resourceful Photoshop Cheatsheets and Reference Cards to Download for Free.

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Saving the Best for Last: 25 Great Closing Tracks

Although less relevant in the age of MP3s, an album’s sequencing used to be a vital part of the creative process. The order of the tracks was often mulled over as closely as the recording itself....check out these 25 great closers! Includes The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Pixies, Radiohead, The Stone Roses, The Jam, Portishead, The Who...

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Primus Cut

Since I can't get this song out of my head...i'm sharing it with you. At least you get to check the video.

Plastic cowboys + insane bass playing = A whole lotta awesome. View the official video here.

Enjoy their David Letterman performance:

07 November 2008

10 Online Photo Editors That You Definitely Need to Bookmark

Online image editors are in a rage these days. Everyday, you hear about the release of a new online photo editor that claim to be the next big thing. From among the great number of online editors, we have hand picked some of the best ones that we found to be are noteworthy. With each site description, we have tried to tell you how or what feature

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10 Songs that Make Me Cry

[Great List -CO]I admit it. I’m kind of a sap when it comes to music and its ability to conjure a well of emotions…even tears. That’s right, I’m a grown man who’s sometimes moved to tears when I hear certain songs. Mind you, the stars have to be aligned and all the pieces in place for me to actually well up.

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05 November 2008

Barack Obama wins the 2008 Presidential Election

Greatest Digg Submission. Ever.

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03 November 2008

27 Indispensable Web Design & Development Firefox Extensions

A collection of extensions for your every Design and Development need, from Editing CSS and Database Management to Image Capture and Color Pickers.

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02 November 2008

Google's Gmail Gets Gadgets

On Monday Google opened Gmail to more extensive user modification by allowing users to embed Google Gadgets in Gmail's left-hand navigation bar.Google has provided two sample Gadgets - modular mini-applications.One provides a view of one's Google Calender agenda,along with meeting alerts........................................................

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