24 March 2003

...And All That $%#^& Jazz

OK, It' s official...I've &%%ing had it with that damn Chicago song that they played at the Oscars after every win. Don't get me wrong...I loved the movie, but for the love of cripes, I can't stand that freakin' song anymore! And another thing...how about giving an Oscar to some other movie? "Gangs of New York" walking away empty handed? Come on! How about Costume Design? Art Direction? Director? OK...I was really happy with Brody winning Best Actor, and anything "The Pianist" received was well deserved, but throw me a bone here!

But I digress.

For more winners, or just to bask in the "Chicago" love fest, check here.

BTW...Sir Sean should've worn the kilt. That would've rocked.

21 March 2003

Getting in touch with my inner redneck

After years of borrowing (more like stealing) my dad's CD and more importantly, because it's pretty damn good, I broke down and bought my first Lynyrd Skynyrd album.

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I can't get "A Simple Kind of Man" (which is my personal favorite) out of my head. Also, I felt I owed it to the fact that an original member of the Skynyrd family (Artimus Pyle, whose aptly named Artimus Pyle Band is quite good) is, well, in my family (married one of my cousins).

Either way, I felt I needed to own at least a greatest hits album, and it was on sale.

BTW...Is it just me, or shouldn't KO and I been issued a copy for living here? Am I crazy for thinking this?

02 March 2003

Blues show new life

Well, well, well....who would have thought that a rookie netminder would resurrect the Blues division title hopes?
Just when I thought that the Blues would start to fold under the tent of adversity, Curtis Sanford arrived from their AHL affiliate Worchester IceCats (which, FYI, is Kirsten's birthplace) and provide just the spark needed to keep the Blues in the race with the Wings. Buen suerte, senor Sanford, and continued success.

Side Note to tonight's Wild-Blues game

My brother Casey attended the game thanks to his lovely girlfriend and her slick-a-fied, big city connections. To explain:
His girlfriend, N, we'll protect her anonymity, works at the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame. Sweet gig, eh? Yeah, it gets better....so she gets a call from Blues owner Bill Laurie's secretary a few weeks ago in preparation for his induction into the Hall. It seems that he would like to invite quite a few folks to the festivities, but he doesn't have all the seating reserved. N says she will see what she can do, and makes the necessary arrangements to appease Mr. Laurie. His secretary calls back and thanks N for her help and effort to right the crisis, and asks if she would like some tickets for an upcoming Blues game. Uhhhh....Yeah! So, she says that'd be great and that her boyfriend is a big fan (did I mentioned that he's a good kid?). The secretary offers her 4 tickets to tonight's Wild-Blues game center ice, 10 rows up. Nice. Needless to say, KO and I were number 1 on the list to go with them, but this whole being 800 miles from STL got in the way...Oh well. Here's hoping Cas and N had a great time. Love you guys.

Yet Another Blue Note

If you're like me and wish to follow the beloved Blues but don't live in the St Louis area, (Brock and Houser, you know who you are)....You'll be happy to know that the Big 550 KTRS Sports Talk St. Louis is back on the internet live stream after a long and bleakful hiatus. KTRS is the home of Blues hockey and Rams football, plus some of the best commentary on the world of sports around....wow, did I just say that?
I'm starting to sound like John Hadley.
Anyhoo, I'm excited because not only can I listen to the all the games (via NHL.com), but now I get post-game, pre-game, sport shows, and what not.
Just the remedy for a St. Louis sports nut marooned to the sunny skies of Georgia, and it's cheaper than DirectTV....