27 February 2009

Photobucket Album

10 Excellent Open Source and Free Alternatives to Photoshop.

There are a number of open source (and completely free) programs out there that do much of what Photoshop can. In this collection, you will find 10 excellent examples of open source and free alternatives to Adobe Photoshop.

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Daily Show: Obama May be the Next Antichrist, Hitler or Both

"There are a few raising concerns that Obama is the Beast and also the twin of Hitler, and it's getting the mainstream media's attention."

Usual Suspects Reference FTW.

26 February 2009

Conan plays Ol Timey Baseball

My all time favorite Conan clip. It's Conan's all time favorite as well. My favorite line: "Thanks for the cool breeze. It's most cooling on my moustache!" BTW...if you haven't heard..Andy's coming back with Conan on the Tonight Show...Woo Hoo!

Kenneth the Page responds to Bobby Jindal's Response

Colbert Dials Up the 1997 Internet

I did some pretty embarrassing things in 1997, but it all pales in comparison to what the internet was doing in 1997. Back then, the internet was basically five chat rooms, Hamster Dance and a bulletin board for fake Star Trek nudes. How did we not all kill ourselves?

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Weather Man with Green Tie in Front of Green Screen = Magic

TMJ4 Meteorologist wears green tie on green screen while giving weather report. Amazing that he has worked in the biz for 20 years and not figured it out.

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24 February 2009

The Slap Chop...Slapping America Skinny

Vince, the guy that brought you the ShamWOW, demostrates his newest must have: The Slap Chop.

Best lines: "Stop having a Boring Tuna"

...and the coup de grace:

"You're gonna love my nuts!"

23 February 2009

Ask a Spy - Avoiding Intoxication

Burn Notice star Jeffrey Donovan answers the age old question:
How do I avoid getting drunk at business meetings with a client who wants to booze it up?

21 February 2009

Conan's last "Late Night"

We'll miss you, Conan.

20 February 2009

Righting Wrong Writing -- The Real-Life Typo Patrol

Heroically persnickety typo crusaders are out to set the United States straight...

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19 February 2009

Preserving the Masturbating Bear

Conan says goodbye to a beloved character...by incasing him in carbonite.
Well...it didn't work for Han...what will happen to M. Bear?

The Best of Things Named After Stephen Colbert

If you’re somehow unfamiliar with the complete history of animals, minor-league sports teams and other Colbert-monikered sundries, feast your eyes on this comprehensive video.

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Flight of the Conchords - Too Many Dicks on the Dance Floor

Tell the players, make it understood. It ain't no good if there's too much wood.

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18 February 2009

26 Albums That Changed My Life

Think of 25 albums that had such a profound effect on you they changed your life or the way you looked at it. They sucked you in and took you over for days, weeks, months, years. These are the albums that you can use to identify time, places, people, emotions. These are the albums that no matter what they were thought of musically shaped your world. When you finish, tag 25 others, including me. Make sure you copy and paste this part so they know the drill. Get the idea now? Good.

At first I thought it would be difficult to remember the actual name of each of these albums. However, it turned out I only had to look up a couple. It is funny how things stick with you.

In absolutely NO particular order...

1. weezer - blue album

2. cake - fashion nugget

3. metallica - ...and justice for all

4. white stripes - white blood cells

5. guided by voices - do the collapse

6. wilco - yankee hotel foxtrot

7. radiohead - ok computer

8. bruce springsteen - born to run

9. the who - greatest hits

10. son volt - trace

11. boston - boston

12. beastie boys - paul's boutique

13. guns n' roses - appetite for destruction

14. ac/dc - back in black

15. def leppard - pyromania

16. man or astroman - experiment zero

17. modest mouse - the lonesome crowded west

18. weezer - pinkerton

19. wilco - being there

20. beach boys - pet sounds

21. ryan adams - heartbreaker

22. the ramones - loud fast ramones

23. the clash - london calling

24. the strokes - is this it

25. rage against the machine - rage against the machine

26. van halen - van halen

Weezer - The Blue Album // this album shaped me like no other...before or since.

17 February 2009

Fanboys movie clip -- Burn It!

One false move and i burn Wicket!

Top 10 Twitter Tips for Beginners

Ready to jump into Twitter, but don't know how to get started? Follow these 10 tips and you'll fit right in.

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16 February 2009

The Simpsons new title sequence, first change in 19 years

For the first time in the show's history, The Simpsons will be in HD for all to see Sunday night, as well as the first full, permanent revamp of the show's opening titles since its premiere in 1989. Fox will also air both a full-length and an abbreviated version of the credits.

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14 February 2009

Business Hugs -- The New Handshake?

Time Magazine asks the all important question after the close camaraderie associated with the Obama presidency: Are hugs the new handshakes?
Now, you don't have to worry about being left behind pop culture.

Prepare yourself with this great tutorial on BUSINESS HUGS:

13 February 2009

Mr. Warmth -- The Don Rickles Project

How much do I love Hulu? I was showing it to our chief photog (it blew him away) and I found this great doc on Don Rickles. Epic!

Inglourious Bastards Teaser Trailer

Inglorious Bastards is the story of a group of Jewish soldiers in Nazi occupied France, set to kill as many Nazis as possible. With Tarantino behind the camera you know it's a brutal film on the way.

12 February 2009

Watchmen -- Rorschach: Behind The Mask

Rorschach's Mask is such an important part of the character. this video does a great job at documenting the amount of R & D that went into this important plot device:

25 Font-tastic Type Resources for Web Designers

Fantastic article! so many great uses...

There have been quite a few good typography roundups posted around recently with varying levels of design focus. This roundup of resources and articles directly useful to the everyday web designer. Here ’s a list of some interesting, eye-opening, and downright useful type resources for the web design world.

10 February 2009

Sony Releases New Stupid POS That Doesn't F#cking Work

NSFW language. Best. Onion. Clip. Ever. As the consumer in the story said, "I love bullshit like this..."

09 February 2009

How Hackers Make Innovation Inevitable

Pablos Holman is a futurist, IT security expert, and notorious hacker with a unique view into both breaking and building new technologies.

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06 February 2009

Jon Stewart to Cheney: "Why Are You Such a Dick?"

The Daily Show has officially renamed their "You Don't Know Dick" segment about Dick Cheney to "Why Are You Such a Dick?" after his latest post-Bush administration antics. Not only is he still trying to scare the hell out of us, it looks like he's trying to pawn off the inevitable aftermath of Bush's foreign policy on President Obama.

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05 February 2009

Cookie Monster Covers Jay-Z’s “99 Problems”

Cookie Monster does a remix of “99 Problems” by Jay Z. He's got 99 problems but a cookie's not one, and check out the cameo by Fozzy

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Beastie Boys Reissue Paul's Boutique / Launch New Microsite

The Beastie Boys was already a rap phenomenon when the group's raunchy debut Licensed to Ill dropped in 1986. But the New York trio became a hip-hop legend after the brilliant, sample-based production of its 1989 follow-up, Paul's Boutique, put it over the top for good.

the best in mens clothing
visit paulsboutique.beastieboys.com

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Tekzilla: How to Blog Using Notepad

I'm a big user of Notepad. So much so that I keep it in my Quick Launch Toolbar on the bottom left of my page.

So, I was so stoked to learn a new trick w/ the seemingly stripped down Text Editor. You can time stamp at any time just by pressing F5. Cool, huh? Learn that and another great tip in this Tekzilla daily.

03 February 2009

Darren Aronofsky On THE WRESTLER

"All you need is a lens and an honest performance...it's a film that promises nothing and delivers everything."

This is a very special film. Mickey Rourke pulls no punches...and gives us a performance for the ages.
Many times, we catch ourselves saying, "I love that movie". This time, I really mean it.
Below...Director Darren Aronofsky discusses some of the challenges of filming THE WRESTLER.

(500) Days of Summer -- Trailer

Cool Teaser. Very cool song. Although, I don't think the movie itself can live up to the hype that this trailer has created. Check it out:

Find out more about (500) Days of Summer.

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