27 January 2005

Chyron, Take Me Away

Funny how an incorrect CG in the news can make one giggle so.

Pubic Safety jokes notwithstanding, this little gaffe on CNN and the article it spawned is, if nothing more, good for a laugh.

People, people...proof that text before it goes to air.

If you don't, I guess we'll have to assume that:
"CNN Experts Agree: Bin Laden Is Dead Or Alive"

26 January 2005

Wheeeeere's Coney???

Before I get started, a belated moment of silence for Mr. Johnny Carson. We hardly knew ye.


Alright. I was just as sad as every other Tom, Dick, and Harriett to find out that the King of Late Night has exited stage left through the multi-colored curtain for the last time.

But, is it wrong of me to be upset at our red-headed friend Conan for showing re-runs on Monday and Tuesday?

C'mon Conan, how about a little respect for Johnny? That red coif will only get you so far in this world; how about a tribute show before the end of the week.

OK, I feel much better after getting that off my chest. Carry on.

18 January 2005

Two Rivers Run Through It

It most certainly was a "golden shower" on the red carpet last night.

The Golden Globes came and went last night, with the usual vanilla suspense and shockers of the evening.

But, the best part of the awards night wasn't even during the show. The 3 week long pre-show coverage trumped the entire show with plenty of train wreckage to last us until the Oscars.

I wasn't aware who was replacing the Team Rivers after their exodus for the TV Guide Channel last year...but when I found out, I knew better than to skip this party.

Star Jones....Reynolds???

The NY Times' Virginia Heffernan had this to say about the "star" of ABC's The View:
Ms. Reynolds - remember, that's Star Jones - said that she had been instructed to stop gushing and stop talking about clothes. Thus handicapped, she struggled to talk about the content of people's movies and television shows. It was awkward.

How perfect. Say what you will about Joan and Melissa, but I always enjoyed their banter with the stars, primarily because they understood the cardinal rule of interviewing: being a good listener. Something the Star Joneses and Billy Bushes will never understand, nor care to.
Billy Bush...*shutter*....forget flattery, connections will get you everywhere.

I should note that Kathy Griffin was an oasis in the desert of the red carpet. At least E! got something right.
Anyway, if you missed the hilarity with the E! pre-awards show, for shame.

Oh, well. Just like for Paul Giamatti, there's always Oscar. (February 27th on ABC) Shameless, I know.

Human Worth

Ah, the age old question that we all ask at some point in our lives: How much am I worth?

Now you can find out in a matter of minutes at Human For Sale.

In case you're wondering about yours truly, voila!


Eh. For an idea how that ranks against the elite and fictitious, check out the most expensive males and females.

Happy shopping!

Grapefruits & Cacti

As a public service, I submit the following crucial info:

Pitchers and catchers report in less than a month.

I can already smell the hot dogs and grass.

17 January 2005


A nice little yellow surprise graced our mailbox this weekend.

Kirsten and I got our cool yellow Live Strong wristbands from her mother Jan, a cancer survivor.
She ordered them before Christmas and the high demand had the shipments backed up about 3-4 weeks.

If you're interested in helping the fight against cancer, the wristband are only $1.oo with the minimum shipment of 10 bands...so for only $10, you can help the fight against cancer and dish out these great gifts to 9 of your friends.

For more info, visit The Lance Armstrong Foundation online or click on the logo on the upper right.

Help make a difference.

16 January 2005

A Man and His Peas

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It's a beautiful thing.

Even though it's making Kirsten a little jealous, and I'm ruined by the smell of frozen peas for hours on end...the sweet release of the icy goodness is worth the trouble.

By the way...those neck pillows are a godsend!

03 January 2005

Hot French Quarter Action

Yo, Yo, KO!
All hail the power of the webcam.

Because of it, I can see my fiancee(black jacket, right center). sans myself, having the time of her life enjoying the Sugar Bowl Media Party at The Tricou House on 711 Bourbon Street.

Among others in attendance: Photogs Eric (behind Kirsten on the right) and David and former photog Matt from Birmingham.

Congrats guys...I'm gone 1 day and I already miss you guys!(and N'Awlins!)

Fo' shizzle!

02 January 2005

The Future Mr. SportsLady

Here before you are the writings of the luckiest man on earth.

In case you hadn't heard, I proposed to Kirsten at midnight in New Orleans.

With the streets packed and champagne flowing, I popped the big question, with her mother, Janice, in attendance.
Jackson Brewery
The big moment took place in front of the infamous Jackson Brewery on historic 600 Decatur St. in the French Quarter, and my future bride couldn't have been more beautiful than she was at that moment.

We kissed and after giving her some time to gather herself and look at the ring, we waded through a sea of merry bodies to Bourbon Street to continue the celebration.

The setting couldn't have been more perfect.

Thanks, sweetie.