18 January 2005

Two Rivers Run Through It

It most certainly was a "golden shower" on the red carpet last night.

The Golden Globes came and went last night, with the usual vanilla suspense and shockers of the evening.

But, the best part of the awards night wasn't even during the show. The 3 week long pre-show coverage trumped the entire show with plenty of train wreckage to last us until the Oscars.

I wasn't aware who was replacing the Team Rivers after their exodus for the TV Guide Channel last year...but when I found out, I knew better than to skip this party.

Star Jones....Reynolds???

The NY Times' Virginia Heffernan had this to say about the "star" of ABC's The View:
Ms. Reynolds - remember, that's Star Jones - said that she had been instructed to stop gushing and stop talking about clothes. Thus handicapped, she struggled to talk about the content of people's movies and television shows. It was awkward.

How perfect. Say what you will about Joan and Melissa, but I always enjoyed their banter with the stars, primarily because they understood the cardinal rule of interviewing: being a good listener. Something the Star Joneses and Billy Bushes will never understand, nor care to.
Billy Bush...*shutter*....forget flattery, connections will get you everywhere.

I should note that Kathy Griffin was an oasis in the desert of the red carpet. At least E! got something right.
Anyway, if you missed the hilarity with the E! pre-awards show, for shame.

Oh, well. Just like for Paul Giamatti, there's always Oscar. (February 27th on ABC) Shameless, I know.
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