31 August 2005

Pump Paranoia

A Special Shout Out...

A big THANKS to all the jackasses that flipped at a stupid rumor and rushed to the pump to drive up demand and along with it...the price of gas.

Thanks to you, the Spectrum next to my house went from $2.69 at noon today...to $3.09 at 10pm.

40 cents in 10 hours? Nice work, y'all. When you break a record high for gas, you go for the gusto.

I'm not naive enough to think that the price of gas would have hit 3 dollars by Monday...that's most likely the case.

Still, if everyone hadn't freaked out, left work early (maybe I should blame your bosses?) and created the logjam at the pumps today....at least we could've enjoyed sub-$3.00 prices through the weekend.

Everyone wants to blame the gas stations, saying that the price gouging is getting out of hand.

They're partly right.

Look in the mirrors and blame yourselves instead.
Your paranoia today only makes the situation monumentally worse.

Gloat if you wish about the fact that you waited in a line 10 cars deep, wasted your boss' money, and filled up your car...just to prove that you're proactive.

All you have proven is that you're part of the problem.

I'd hate to think about what happens the next time someone starts a rumor.

Speaking of which, I heard that the Chattahoochee is running red with the blood of all sinners.

Pass it on.

The Culture of Fear

The fear machine is filling up fast...and it's cooking with gas.

"The tools of conquest do not necessarily come with bombs and explosions and fallout. There are weapons that are simply thoughts. Attitudes. Prejudices. To be found only in the minds of men. For the record, prejudices can kill, and suspicion can destroy, and the thoughtless, frightened search for a scapegoat has a fallout all its own for the children, and the children yet unborn. And the pity of it is that these things cannot be confined to The Twilight Zone."
-Rod Serling, "The Monsters are due on Maple Street"

Take a chill pill.

It seems that mass hysteria is brewing this afternoon over gas prices. People are rushing to the stations in town to fill up their tanks.

This isn't the first time this has happened recently in the U.S., and I'm sure it's not the last.

Basically, we all making a mountain out of a mole hill, and it's all very similar to the Twilight Zone episode entitled "The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street":

"The episode ends with two alien observers watching the rioting on Maple Street and discussing how easy it was to create paranoia and panic, and let the people of Earth destroy themselves — one place at a time.

'Understand the procedure now? Just stop a few of their machines... throw them into darkness for a few hours and then sit back and watch the pattern...
They pick the most dangerous enemy they can find and it's themselves.' "

Apparently, the only thing we have to fear is ourselves.

Take Frankie's advice.


New Orleans from Space

Like many of you, I've been glued to the TV, watching the horrific aftermath of Katrina.

I was aghast after seeing this remarkable satellite image of The Mississippi Delta. New Orleans has nearly faded into the blue of Lake Pontchartrain.

On another note, this blog is one family's struggle to make sense of it all after fleeing their home in Slidell, just north of the Big Easy.

Here's one excerpt that caught my eye:

"One man at the Superdome committed suicide by throwing himself over a 2nd floor balcony after warning the people below to "watch out" and then calmly leaping to his death."

Scary stuff.

My heart goes out to all affected by this terrible ordeal.
American Red Cross

Also, click here to find out how you can help.

Locally, Sign up here to volunteer in Alabama or visit the Katrina Coverage page at WTVM.com.

29 August 2005

Awaiting Katrina

I'm not usually a worst-case scenario guy....not really hooked up that way....kinda like "The Big Easy".

This could be the reason why I fell in love with the place over New Years 9 months ago...and christened it a special place for the SportsLady and myself.

So, after reading her post and the article she links to about the ramifications of Katrina, The Big Easy's fate could be a pretty grim one.

Luckily, I don't have any friends or relatives in the area.

But, some of my other friends do.

So, for them and everyone willing to brave the onslaught, my thoughts and prayers are with you.


The Weather Channel Blogs Katrina

Just What I Needed


I'm so pissed.

I've spent the last 20 minutes rummaging through my very extensive CD collection looking for my Cars Anthology to listen to this week.

I can't find it anywhere.

Granted, my collection's about as organized as Iraq's "democracy", but that's beside the point. Yeah...she's married to the scary-looking guy from The Cars

I needed some synthesized hand claps in my head.

Whatever your opinion happens to be on the new wave group fronted by Ric Ocasek (the skinny freaky guy that later produced Weezer's Blue Album and married model Paulina Porizkova), I think they're genius. Their whole catalog is amazing.

It didn't hurt that uber-producer Mutt Lange produced Heartbeat City.

Any other Cars fans out there? If so, holla back, yo.

26 August 2005

Robot Love

I always wanted to be a cyborg.

Not only is there less human emotion to deal with, but I can do "The Robot".

Really well.

Construct Optimized for Repair and Exploration

What's Your Cyborg Name?

End Transmission.

Have A Drink On Me

I'd rather be a beer, but I'm not complaining...any alcohol will do.


?? Which Alcoholic Drink Are You ??
brought to you by Quizilla

24 August 2005

Stylin' On The Links

Check the new pimp on the Godwin Creek Golf Course.

I picked up some new head covers to go with my sweet new irons.

Then, just to complete the new golf bag flair, I added on some new head covers for the 3-wood and Wilson the "Big Dog".

Straight pimpin' at the 5-spot Par 3.
Gramps and the kiddies...eat your hearts out.

Now....does anyone want to hit the 19th hole early?

"Talk" To Me, People

The new Google Talk's here! The new Google Talk's here!

I've never been an IM guy...but that could be changing now. See an early review here and here.

At any rate, I'm downloading this baby.

Are you? If so, let's talk...

Download Google Talk

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22 August 2005

R & R For Your Soul

It was a long time coming.

Ever since I saw them on Conan a year ago, I instantly became a fan.

It was a real stretch.
I'm a big fan of traditional country, rhythm and blues...you know, the music that actually started it all when Robert Johnson met the devil at the crossroads of Highway49 and 61 in Clarksdale, Mississippi...without which there wouldn't be any popular music of any kind today, be it heavy metal or hip-hop.

So, seeing Robert Randolph & The Family Band performing their steel guitar sonic rendition of Hendrix's best song, Voodoo Child....it was a short trip to the RR bandwagon.

With that, it wasn't until tonight that I finally picked up their studio debut, Unclassified.

Now, the only way to see Robert Randolph y Familia is live, something I enjoyed a few months ago at Music Midtown in Atlanta.

For all the great acts and legendary artists at the Festival, it was the dude growing up in New Jersey with two choices, music or jail, that stole the show.

Honing his sacred steel guitar skills in church, something that he still does when he isn't touring, Robert's mission on this mortal coil is more than an admirable one: To spread the message of love through God and feel good rock n' roll music...never mutually, nor exclusively.
It's more about finding that thing that moves you spiritually, tapping into it, and riding it 'til she bucks ya.

Don't think of him as preachy either. The fact that many of his fans enjoy his shows stoned lends to the irony of his quest.

Says Robert:
"Ummmm, you know. Well church is always going to be different. People don't pay to come to a church service; they don't pay to come hear the music. You know church is a place where you go to sort of let everything out. You're seeking help and guidance in your everyday life at church. At a show people pay to come hear music, pay to come party and things like that. So I try to compromise between the two.

I'm a holy guy; I just know the teaching I was taught in church. And what I try to do is give people musically, through my life experience, and my talent, just show them that hey, you can rock out but I'll give them a message that whenever you are going through some things you can just lean on God a little bit, and just think of what he's done for you. Just give them something else out there positive that they can rock out to."

You know if I played at church every Sunday I would only be playing to a hundred of the same people, meanwhile I'm going out and playing in front of millions of people over the course of the year, so in that sense it's cool."

Cool indeed.

Visit the site. Check out the music on the player along the bottom of said site.

Listen to 30 second samples of Unclassified and Live at the Wetlands at Amazon.com.

Enjoy the spiritual experience...but above all...
Enjoy the R & R.

File Under "Whaaa??"

I am:
a file cabinet
Reams and reams of information that just might need to be retrieved and looked up some day, stored in a convenient low-tech form that everybody can read or produce easily.

Which office supply are you?

Not really sure what to make of this...there has to be some underlying message/statement that's being made here

Any ideas? Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Now, I'm wishing I was something cooler, like a Rolodex.

[Thanks to Swag for the link]

21 August 2005

A Twist on a Desert Island

It's no secret how much I loathe Toby Keith.

In my opinion, the man represents all that is wrong with music in general, not to mention the rapid decline of country music with the pop infusion of young country over the last 15 years.
This guy sums up my feelings on the matter best.

So, today...while sweating my sack off at the Catfish game, listening to the almost as grating rhytmic sludge that was Chumpawhumba, the question arose:

If you were stranded on a desert island, which crappy album/song would you rather have with you instead of the most loathsome artist?

There's the album you love to hate, and then no. 2 on the list, which is by comparison, much better.

Keeping the current theme in mind, although I hate that song "Tub-thumping" by Chumpawhumpa, I'd rather listen to it....and only it everyday to never hear any song by Toby Keith.

Congratulations, Mr. Keith. You suck more than Chumpawhumba.

So, what's your remedy to the torture of the music you hate most?

Let us know in the comments below.

Operators are standing by.

19 August 2005

Missouri Loves Company - Friday

Author's Note: My plan was to write about Friday....that plan folded.
The following is about our lunch date at a Kirksville original.
Some will know it well.
Most won't know it at all.
If nothing else...it's an original.

Day 2 – Friday

11:00 AM
Lunch @ the “Shitty”

K said to me tonight that Thursday night’s slumber was one of the best in weeks.

Good to know we’re off to a good start.

After the shit, shower, and shave, I called Brock to see what the lad was doing for lunch.

As if reading my mind, he suggested we eat at “The Shitty”.

I obliged.

I know what you’re thinking…The Shitty?
Surely, just from the mere mention of the name, it merits a charming chateau with a delightful board-au-faire from which to choose.

Indeed, it is…to the trained eye of a Kirkatoid, as we are commonly referred to by the city folk.

One of the more endearing qualities of growing up in a small town are the local “Mom & Pop” establishments one can frequent and, for many, grow fond of their small town charms.

The Shitty is no exception.

Pancake City, as it’s known to the outsider and your government’s IRS, is a greasy spoon on the north end of town, sitting in the shadow of its archenemy of commerce, Wal-Mart.

As an aside, it should be noted that, on a dare, after an evening of imbibing copius amounts of adult beverages, I addressed a bank check to "Da Shitty" in payment for services rendered.

The Shitty: Always a mistress to which I return after a night of drunken carousing.

Shirt? Shoes? Not so much a requisite than a suggestion. Flannel and trucker caps are the apparel of choice for the road-weary 18-wheeler wayfarers that dominate the clientele.

You get the idea.

The only changes made to our fair establishment?
Some new tables, now with adverts, mostly for realtors and fisheries in the area…obviously tackling the diverse target audience.

A quick aside addressed to the real estate agents on said tables:
Are we sure it’s a good idea to have your home numbers plastered on the eating surfaces of drunks and hill people alike…where the key business hours are in the wee hours?
A good buzz and a cell phone could mean many sleepless nights for the people adorned on it.

Oh well…karma’s an evil mistress.

Back to lunch. I passed on my standard dish, The Killer, a tenderloin sandwich the size of a plate, to partake in one of the Shitty’s new “Angus” burgers.
I’m thinking Angus is a loose term…but a burger sounded pretty good at the moment.
KO also went the Angus route, opting for the Bacon Ranch. As she says now about her lunch….”Typical Shitty faire….greasy, edible, with lots of pickles”.
Say what you will about the Shitty…they don’t skimp on the condiments.

Some other Shitty staples to chew on:

Bendy straws.
Mac & Cheese Nuggets (eaten by Sarah, the 7-year-old daughter of my friend Josh…she would not recommend)
Brock & Josh’s choice: The B & G special…Always a late night fave of the drunken masses.

The check (for KO and myself)
2 mammoth Angus Burgers
Seasoned Waffle Fries
2 Diet Cokes

The damage
$13.10 Subtotal
+ 2.90 Tip
$16.00 Total

Vive le Shitty.

More to come...including the Meet & Greet at Il Spazio...

18 August 2005

SEC Pick 'em

Ah, SEC football.

I remember a time when I used to quarrel with Matty Du-P back in the day about the various degrees of dominance in the college football conferences around the country.

Those arguments used to end in a reluctant recession to the SEC, with the Big XII and the Big Ten close on their heels.

What a foolish young man I was.

I have since learned the error of my ways, and have become about as rabid a supporter of the SEC as a Midwestern boy can become, hailing it the best conference in college football, bar none.

So, it should come as no surprise that when Sin City BBQ posted a SEC Pick ‘em game on his site, I weighed in swiftly with my prognostications.
Won’t you join us?

Week 1 picks are up and ready for your participation.

Happy pickin’.

Rocket Juice?

In the prognostication news...

It seems that 2 more players tested positive for a banned substance recently, with one writer claiming that the announcement of one said player will "bring baseball to its knees".

Rumor has it that player is none other than:

Roger Clemens.

Shocking, ain't it?

On the one hand, it's definitely possible, what with the gaudy numbers he continues to pile up, even as Father Time keeps tapping on his pitching shoulder.

On the other hand, what a blow to the game this means if the rumors prove true.
In my opinion, I hope it's all a cruel joke. Even though Rocket's playing for the rival Astros, he's still the man, no matter who you root for.

Say it ain't so, Rocket. Say it ain't so.

Missouri Loves Company (part I)

The following is a rehashing of the 5 days spent in Missouri this past weekend. Creative title, huh? That’s why I make the big bucks.

Day 1 – Thursday

10:45 am
KO, my mother, and I board our flight from Atlanta to Kansas City.

It’s important to note here that my mom is deathly afraid of tight spaces, and has only gotten progressively worse as the years pass by. Tack on that she’s flown a grand total of 3 times in her lifetime, and this trip has all the trimmings of being a nightmare in the clouds.

With that in mind, the trip was a complete success. I sat next to Mom the whole flight and not one peep, episode, or freak out session. I was quite proud of her as we exited the plane.

Now, it should be said that she needed a good healthy dose of her “pills” to accomplish this feat…but, much like in Cannonball Run, we don’t care how ya get there, just get there.

12:00 pm
Sunny Kansas City & The Longest Drive Home

Always in the business of saving a penny here and there, I talked to my dad about his leaving the Cirrus in long term parking for the three of us to drive back to Kirksville. Like a good papa, the car was waiting for us in the “B-2” lot, row 4.

Loaded up and packed into the Cirrus, we embarked on a journey to Kirksville 10 hours in the making.

Now, I know what you’re saying: Cory…Kirksville can’t be 10 hours from KC.

You would be right. In fact, it’s closer to 3 hours, but I’m factoring the long way so we can stop in and see my extended nuclear family.
I call them that because of a longer story about just how much thicker our blood runs with this family than any other branch in the OD tree….but that’s another tale for another day.

2:30 pm
After trekking for 2 hours, we roll into the bustling metropolis that is Moberly, Missouri…population 16,ooo and change. A blue collar suburb of Columbia, if you will.

After checking out my cousin Gavin’s latest housing projects with his booming new contruction company called “3 Brothers Contruction”, he retired to the “land”, where he’s helping his parents build their dream house on the outskirts of Moberly.

After seeing the progress made on the house, the attention turns to the two most talked about subjects in the OD clan: Babies and Food.

It seems that everyone in the family is procreating at a rapid rate. One would think that a fetal freeze is on the horizon with the ferocity of these breeding Olympics.

I don’t know. Must be in the fertile Missouri soil.

Back to babies….it should be note that my cousin Gavin and his wife Amari are expecting their first child…quite literally, any day now. The due date was August 16, and with each passing day, I’m expecting to get the call from Gavin, introducing another O’Donnell into the world.

7:00 pm
Food….it’s what’s for dinner.
With that bit of business out of the way, it’s on the real ritual of reunion with the family: Food.

In this case, we decided to go away from the buffet standby and have Mexican. KO and I were delighted to learn that we would be dining at El Vaquero in Moberly.

I know that name strikes a familiar chord with many of you readers, but even more so than first thought.
Through some connection, this El Vaquero in Moberly (along with the one in Kirskville) are owned by the same people that run El Vaquero in this quaint little hamlet of Columbus.

Small world, indeed.

After some great food at The Cowboy, and more catching up with my other cousin Chad, his new bride Michelle (also with child), the time had come to bid adieu and make our way another hour north to Kirksville, my hometown and the site for the reunion festivities.

10:00 pm
Batty for TV
After we settled into the home of my boyhood, it is decided that my mother needs a new TV.
You see, a week ago, lightning had shot through her house and apparently blew out her TV and cable box.

Knowing that Friday would be a busy day, I suggested getting the TV that night and hooking it up.

A trip to Wal-Mart found a good buy on a 27” RCA model for $178. Sold American.

After grabbing some assorted odds & ends, we paid for the new tube and headed to pack it into the Cirrus.

Only one problem: While it occurred to measure out the entertainment center, the TV’s dimensions proved a formidable ally to actually packing it in the car….so good, that it didn’t.

After some quick thinking, I realized that my high school friend Travis, still living in KV, had a truck equal to the task.

10 minutes later, Travis arrives in Fordzilla, or as it’s known in layman terms, a white ’82 Ford F-150.

Load up the TV.
Drag it into the house.
Encounter a small bat inside the house. No worries…the
Sports Lady quickly disposed of it humanely, trapping it in a pot and releasing it outside.
Hook up the new TV.
Share a laugh and a wipe of the brow.
Off to bed.

Welcome home, man.

To be continued (hopefully…not as longwinded) with Day 2…

16 August 2005

The Prodigal Son...


The trip to MO was great. It's amazing how little the whole lot of us old high school chums have changed over the last decade.

I guess we'll have to wait for the 20 year cycle.

Anyway, to all of you that I pimped my site out to at the reunion...I'll be waiting to hear from you.

Also, my email address on our new directory is fine for you to get in touch with me...but, you'll have better luck using my personal address: coryodonnell@gmail.com

That's all for now...more to come later....hopefully, a rundown of the events from the past weekend in the 'Ville.

Hope to hear from you soon.

P.S. If you want to drop in on my better half...you can find her at The SportsLady.

11 August 2005

Enjoy The Silence

Can you believe it took me 3 years to get a Depeche Mode song into the title?

Crazy talk, I know.

Anyway, The Sportslady and I will be shoving off for MO in the morning, and with that comes the brief hiatus mentioned two posts previous.

Don't despair, good reader. We will return. Really...we will.

Think of it this way....it's a ten-year reunion. Major potential for some good dirt and stories is inherent.

Until then, stay safe and when you head out to your local watering hole, toast a frothy ale to good times.

Chances are, I'll be doing the same in the Heartland.

Peace out.
P.S. A great comrade of mine is joining the Blog Army. Send him your support. He's mad funny...or is he just mad?

Judge for ye selfe.

10 August 2005

Mad den Th u mb

Plea se excu s e tod ay's post .

I b o ug ht M a dd e n l a st ni gh t, a nd d a mne d if I c a n't get my thu mb to wor k righ t a ga in.

Yo u und er sta nd.

09 August 2005

Goodbye Peter

Peter Jennings
1938 - 2005
Photo courtesy of ABC

08 August 2005

A Brief Hiatus Ensues...

Just a heads up...if I'm not posting much...I have a somewhat decent excuse.

My mom is in town visiting from Missouri, and my plate's been a little full therein.
You understand.

Anyway, she's in town to spend some of her vacation in the Georgia monsoon and heat, then flying back to MO with the Sportslady and myself for my ten-year reunion this week.

Copius amounts of adult beverages will be imbibed by many, and a surreal experience or two is sure to occur.

Anything fit to post will be shared.
We'll have to wait and see.

Don't go away too long....I may post something interesting soon.
Just don't wait with bated breath.


04 August 2005

Your Fighting Diablos

Fantasy football is right around the corner, and per usual, I'm joining my requisite 50 leagues.

OK, that was hyperbole, but it does seem to double exponentially with each passing calendar.

With that, it is with extreme reservation that I share this next nugget with you:

I've created some team helmets in Photoshop.

Go ahead. Place the pocket protector on me if you must. Have your fun.

That said, above you will find your exclusive, first look at your fighting Diablos, 2004 defending champions of the "KC Football Freaks" League in Kansas City, Mo.

More to come soon...Draft Day is this Sunday for Los Vaqueros in our Fox 6 Birmingham AL league, curiously titled "Football Freaks".

Is there no creativity left on this orb?

Vaya con Dios.
On a sad note, The SportsLady has informed me that the Girlie Men Express may be folding up their operations this year, and thus not partaking in the fantasy fun.

I think I speak for everyone here that we're all waiting with bated breath in the hope that she comes to her senses.

Ventin' on Vinyl

The debate rages on...
Here's a list of the top 50 albums over the last five years.

How many do you own?

My final tally is 18, which I thought was pretty good.

Personally, I think that no. 2 (Wilco's Yankee Hotel Foxtrot) is the best album of the last 10 years, save maybe OK Computer.

No. 1 is good, but I'd put a little farther down, just out of the top five.

I like what I saw with Interpol's Turn On Your Bright Lights as high as they were...and it's good to see Modest Mouse getting some love with The Moon and Antarctica.
I suspect that Good News for Anyone Who Loves Bad News will find its way on the list by years end.

Anyway...Comments? Questions? Cross-Checks?

Let's hear it...

03 August 2005

O, Captain! My Captain!

At least I was prepared.

The moment it happened, before I knew about it, KO and I were talking hockey (big shocker, I know...).

Since her team's captain (and all-around inspiration) Stevie Y signed a one-year to ride out into the Motor City sunset in style, I mentioned how my team's captain will also be taking a trip...only away from the Arch and well before retiring.

"It's only a matter of time till Prongs is gone", I said.

"You think," she quiped.

"Oh yeah, they only signed the qualifying offer so they could get something for him...he's as good as gone."

Then, I began thinking of the players the Blues could get for the best defensive blueliner in the game.

Atlanta? Unlikely, but if it happened....Braydon Coburn and a top 2 forward.

and the one I thought was mostly likely to happen? Florida...home of Mike Keenan, Prongs' first coach with the Note.

The price? Jay Bowmeester and Stephen Weiss. Sounds like a deal to me.

Then, it happened.

Pronger Headed to Edmonton

The trade: The Blues' captain to the Oilers for Eric Brewer, Jeff Woywitka, and Doug Lynch. Not as sexy as the FLA deal, but not bad either.

Here's the insider scoop on the deal from E.J Hradek's blog on ESPN.com:
Pronger Goes North
Strange things can happen in the wee hours. Strange things like Chris Pronger getting traded to the Edmonton Oilers! The Blues announced the deal about 1 a.m. ET.

The Blues, who could not afford to keep the former Hart and Norris trophy winner, sent him to the Oilers for a trio of young defenseman. All-Star Eric Brewer, former Flyers first-round pick (2001) Jeff Woywitka and second-round pick ('01) Eric Lynch will go to the Blues for Pronger.
The inclusion of Brewer in the deal tells me that Oilers GM Kevin Lowe must have some assurances that he can sign Pronger to a long-term deal. If not, Pronger is a one-year, $7.22 million rental for the Oilers. Without a new deal, Pronger can skate away as an unrestricted free agent next summer.

Under the circumstances, it's a good deal for the Blues. They get Brewer, a proven NHL defender. He was part of Canada's Olympic gold medal team in 2002 and the nation's World Cup of Hockey championship squad in 2004. Best yet, the 26-year-old Brewer is scheduled to earn $2.014 million during the upcoming season.

Woywitka has a two-way deal that pays him $570,000 at the NHL level. And, Lynch has a similar two-way deal. Lynch gets $456,000 (plus a $76,000 bonus), if he's playing in the NHL.
Suffice to say, the conversation proved not only prophetic, but healing at the same time. It prepared me for the tough news...helped me look at the big picture.

At 26, Brewer is built much like Pronger, with a similar offensive makeup.
Woywitka is an up-and-coming prospect that'll help shore up the blue line by 2006.
Lynch, a throw-in, could help out the current roster.

All in all, things could be worse. It'll be odd not seeing #44 whipping rink long passes right on the tape, cleaning a goon's clock, or slapping a PP one-timer from the blue line.

In fact, the only time I'll see that again is on the sweater hanging in my closet.
The sweater of a former Blue.

What makes it harder is not having Big Al around either. But, in the long run, it all makes too much sense.

Later, Cap. Even if the next soul to don the "C" is just keeping it warm for Jackman, It'll be hard to fit on another man's chest.

02 August 2005

Contacting Your Progressman

If you have yet to peruse a copy of the book "America" written by the genii behind the Daily Show, I highly recommend it.

Also, since it looks like a textbook and school's just around the corner, I can say that the text will be mandatory this semester.

In the meantime, to whet your apettite, here is a sampling from the book....a template, if you will, for writing a letter to your Congressman.

The following appears on page 78 of "America". The following is parody. Say it with me. PARODY:

Representative or Senator's Name
Representative or Senator's Address
That Domey Thingy
Washington, DC [ZIP TK]

Dear Honorable (for senators)/ Distinguished (for representatives)/ Abby (for advice-seekers)

As a concerned citizen of your district/state/household, I kindly request/urge/demand/insist/order you at gunpoint to co-sponsor/condemn/remain ambiguously silent on the legislation that Rep. Elder Centrist Democrat and Senator Moderate Republician You've Never Heard Of have introduced to increase/decrease spending for _______________.

I am not ordinarily moved to write, but I have a child affected by/vaguely remember a TV report about/have nothing better to do than write a message [can friends @ gmail].

I supported you through all five elections/three samdals/two convictions and would be extrmely disappointed to have to vote against/stalk/cuckold you.

Thank you/your unpaid intern for hearing me on this important

Respectically/Disrespectically/Suck it,

Your Name/Pseudosym/"X" mark

(c) 1995 America: The Book

01 August 2005

The Ultimate Indie Cover Band

Check out this CD's worth of indie covers by some of my (and hopefully your) favorite bands.

I'll be downloading this, if only to hear the Lips' Under Pressure and Belle & Sebastian's Dancing Queen.

[link via clicked]