21 August 2005

A Twist on a Desert Island

It's no secret how much I loathe Toby Keith.

In my opinion, the man represents all that is wrong with music in general, not to mention the rapid decline of country music with the pop infusion of young country over the last 15 years.
This guy sums up my feelings on the matter best.

So, today...while sweating my sack off at the Catfish game, listening to the almost as grating rhytmic sludge that was Chumpawhumba, the question arose:

If you were stranded on a desert island, which crappy album/song would you rather have with you instead of the most loathsome artist?

There's the album you love to hate, and then no. 2 on the list, which is by comparison, much better.

Keeping the current theme in mind, although I hate that song "Tub-thumping" by Chumpawhumpa, I'd rather listen to it....and only it everyday to never hear any song by Toby Keith.

Congratulations, Mr. Keith. You suck more than Chumpawhumba.

So, what's your remedy to the torture of the music you hate most?

Let us know in the comments below.

Operators are standing by.
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