11 August 2005

Enjoy The Silence

Can you believe it took me 3 years to get a Depeche Mode song into the title?

Crazy talk, I know.

Anyway, The Sportslady and I will be shoving off for MO in the morning, and with that comes the brief hiatus mentioned two posts previous.

Don't despair, good reader. We will return. Really...we will.

Think of it this way....it's a ten-year reunion. Major potential for some good dirt and stories is inherent.

Until then, stay safe and when you head out to your local watering hole, toast a frothy ale to good times.

Chances are, I'll be doing the same in the Heartland.

Peace out.
P.S. A great comrade of mine is joining the Blog Army. Send him your support. He's mad funny...or is he just mad?

Judge for ye selfe.
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