04 August 2005

Your Fighting Diablos

Fantasy football is right around the corner, and per usual, I'm joining my requisite 50 leagues.

OK, that was hyperbole, but it does seem to double exponentially with each passing calendar.

With that, it is with extreme reservation that I share this next nugget with you:

I've created some team helmets in Photoshop.

Go ahead. Place the pocket protector on me if you must. Have your fun.

That said, above you will find your exclusive, first look at your fighting Diablos, 2004 defending champions of the "KC Football Freaks" League in Kansas City, Mo.

More to come soon...Draft Day is this Sunday for Los Vaqueros in our Fox 6 Birmingham AL league, curiously titled "Football Freaks".

Is there no creativity left on this orb?

Vaya con Dios.
On a sad note, The SportsLady has informed me that the Girlie Men Express may be folding up their operations this year, and thus not partaking in the fantasy fun.

I think I speak for everyone here that we're all waiting with bated breath in the hope that she comes to her senses.
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