31 October 2002

Happy Halloween
Hey all. Hope everyone has a great Halloween. In case you're interested, KO is going as Barbie and I am donning some nerd gear- and yes, I had to buy a kit.
Have fun all. Good Luck in the Week 9 poll.

Top Five Songs About Setting Stuff On Fire
1. "Pyromania" by Def Leppard
2. "Burning Down the House" by the Talking Heads
3. "Sacrificial Bonfire" by XTC
4. "VFD (Volunteer Fire Department)" by Michelle Shocked
5. "Burning and Looting" by Bob Marley and the Wailers

28 October 2002

Top 5 songs with a female name as the title
1. "Allison" by Elvis Costello
2. "Jamie" by Weezer
3. "Amanda" by Boston
4. "Sherry" by Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons
5. "Victoria" by The Kinks
Hon. Mention: "Rosanna" by Toto, "Carrie" by Europe and "Sara" by Starship

16 October 2002

Well, at least Ozzy likes hockey...and what a team!

Week 6
I know what you're saying....what happened to weeks 4 and 5? Don't ask. All I know is the pool is thinning out one week at a time, with only 4 still undefeated. Good luck next week. Go Chiefs! Go Rams!
1. Jason Malone: record 6-0
Teams used: Miami, San Diego, NYG, Philadelphia, Indianapolis, Buffalo
1. Cathy March: record 6-0
Teams used: Miami, Cleveland, Green Bay, Philadelphia, Kansas City, Buffalo
1. Cory O'Donnell: record 6-0
Teams used: Indianapolis, San Diego, Atlanta, Tampa Bay, Kansas City, Buffalo
1. Chuck Thomas: record 6-0
Teams used: Carolina, San Diego, New England, Tampa Bay, Indianapolis, Buffalo

14 October 2002

A Good Day Spoiled.....
Well, everything was going good yesterday @ about 6:45 ET. The Chiefs were winning with 3 minutes left, the Rams were cruising, the Cottonmouths season opener ended in victory on a shootout, and Buffalo beat Houston. Then 4 hours later, everything collapsed. Chiefs lose, Cards lose, and I honestly don't understand how they lost these games. Overmanagement and, more importantly, poor execution are the only explanations for blowing these games. Oh well.
The Cards have a long road to go. Good Luck to them. I honestly believe if they can win this game, they have a better than average chance. To be continued....

Blues rumor
Here's an interesting rumor with perhaps some validity....Al Morganti of ESPN.com writes that the Blues could be going after McLaren and/or Dafoe of the Bruins. Interesting since neither Salvador nor Nash has yet to dress for the Note. Could these guys be trade bait for McLaren?
Plus, with Brathwaite playing poorly and G Curtis Sanford getting the call to STL [up from Worchester], It looks like GM Larry Pleau is positioning for a deal. The plot thickens...

09 October 2002

Droppin' the Puck
The NHL season faces off its 86th season. Glad to have the boys of winter back, even if my team isn't expected to do well.

Things just got interesting in STL
A old-fashioned donnybrook just about broke out at the Cards-Giants game 1. Hopefully, this lights a fire under a lethargic Cards team in the NLCS. Stay tuned.