25 March 2006

All Apologies

Whatta I should I say
All Apologies
-Kurt Cobain

What’s up? It’s been awhile, has it not?
First off, an explanation…or as you may refer to it, an excuse:
On March 2, I started my new position at the station, and I’ve been working quite a bit since then.
Now that I’m beginning to get my feet under me, I’m coming up for air and giving this humble blog a shock with the defibrillator of prose.
Long overdue, I’m aware. At any rate, it’s duly noted.

The new venture is, very much like life, progressing. Man, those new jobs are a bitch. One day, you feel so insignificant and unqualified. The next, you’re wowing your colleagues and wondering aloud: What was I so worried about?

With that, I’m finding more and more enjoyment now after the dusting off phase.
The dullness of my quill continues to erode, and I’m finding more comfort in my new digs. But enough about me…

Zoe continues to enjoy the fruits of a lanai in the Florida sunshine. The sights and smells fill her short time on the concrete slab, basking in the tropical glow on her dragonfly rug, like a lioness surveying her flat kingdom.

KO seems to be enjoying work, though we’re both quite displeased with the infrequency of companionship afforded by our new schedules.
I guess I’ll have to step up my coup de tat so we can get a day off together. (You didn’t read that…)

I hope the following will suffice for the moment. If there’s anything else I need to share, do tell.
I can say that while I’ve attended a Red Sox morning BP session, I’ve yet to catch a game. Let’s hope that changes before all our teams head north for the season.

Hope all is well with you out there in the vast spaces. Drop us a line to let me know you haven’t given up on me.

D Stack, I hope you’re happy that I finally wrote something.