18 April 2006

spoonful of sugar

tonight after work, (and a wonderful dinner of philly cheese sandwiches and potato wedges courtesy of the sportslady) ko and i went for a ride to big lots to check out some ceramic pots. she's thinking about making a cool new oriental serenity fountain for our lanai, and i'm all for it.

afterwards, we stopped at home depot to check out drills. good to know that you can rent tools from there if you only need them once. c'mon, how many times are you going to need to use a rosewood wedge stemmed cutting gauge??? Ten times?? Maybe??

finally, we stopped at a turn-back-the-clock ice cream parlor near our home called fabulous 50's.
it looked like we just missed the fun, as they was live musicians striking their stage set up and a prepubescent elwood blues walking out the door.

no matter. ko ordered one of her favorites: thin mint crunch on a waffle cone. excellent choice...but she didn't luck out like moi.

after some hemming and hawwing, i decided on the snickers ice cream waffle cone. the jerk, noting my indecisiveness, asked what i almost picked for my favorite flavor.

reese's was my answer. without missing a beat, she handed me my snickers cone and a free spoonful of the peanut butter cup cream for the road.

nicely done. so, in review:

a nice atmosphere. little blues brothers. a reward for not making up your mind.

kudos to those fab 50's. i'll be time traveling back real soon.

14 April 2006

Wiki Birthday Post

thanks to the super terrific hayley for this little nugget.

Go to Wikipedia, enter in your birthdate (sans year), post three events, two births and one death:

1970 - Monday Night Football premieres
are you ready for the football?? why, yes. indeed, i am.

1991 - Armenia is granted independence from Soviet Union.
i'm just now sobering up from that one. t'was a hell of a ride, USSR. a hell of a ride.

1780 - American Revolutionary War: Benedict Arnold gives the British the plans to West Point.
he did what?? betrayed our country and leaked secrets to the enemy?? well, there's only one thing to do: make him the vp.

1827 - Joseph Smith, Jr., claims that the angel Moroni gave him a record of gold plates, one-third of which is "translated" into The Book of Mormon.
sadly, joseph smith and the juniors never went platinum, having succumbed to the powerful seduction of polygamy and in total behind the music fashion, drugs.

1940 - Bill Kurtis, American television journalist
the voice of a&e (insert gruesome crime/forensic/justice/cold case name here)
"he then inserted the revolver into the man's rectum and pulled the trigger."

1947 - Stephen King, American author
greatest living near-sighted red sox fan.

and, finally...the cinderella story...out of augusta...

1950 - Bill Murray, American actor
my hero...and truly, our greatest living thespian. shut yer piehole, de niro!

1327 - King Edward II (Electric Boogaloo) of England (b. 1284)
a true sequel that was better than the original...we hardly knew ye.

That's mine....play along please in the comments section.


Four jobs I have had in my life:
(in order of mind numbitude)
1. baggin', taggin', stockin', and gawkin' at Hy-Vee
2. more of the same at hastings
3. al bundy at brown's show fit in kv, mo
4. promo poy (now with kung fu grip!!) various tv markets in missouri, georgia, and now florida

Four movies I would watch over and over:
1. star wars (which one? all of them! except phantom....sucked!!)
2. rushmore (wes anderson & owen wilson rule!)
3. fight club (schizophrenia rules! )
4. mst3k's mitchell (hearts pounding....veins clogging)

Four places I have lived:
1. Kirksville, MO
2. Warrensburg, MO
3. Blue Springs, MO
4. Columbus, GA

Four TV shows I love to watch:
1. 24
2. mythbusters
3. the soup
4a. the history channel
4b. the discovery channel (yeah that's right...the whole channels!)
yeah, i have the tv habits of a high school sophomore...so sue me.

Four places I have been on vacation:
1. orlando with ko on our swing thru fla!
2. savannah ga....one of the most beautiful places i've seen.
3. chicago...best. town. ever.
4. fort myers...before i moved there...livin the dream!

Four websites I visit daily[almost]:
1. fark.com
2. espn.com...sports and sarcasm.
3. vivaelbirdos.com....badass fan site of my stl cards
4. sportslady.blogspot.com...cause she's the bome diggity!

Four of my favorite foods:
1. ko's baby rack ribs with sweet baby ray's sauce.
2. my family's egg noodles...sounds crappy, taste yummy.
3. a really good steak...and a really bad steak...pretty much steak.
4. pizza of some variety

Four places I would rather be right now:
1. anywhere with ko and zoe
2. driving home to see ko and zoe.
3. RVing on the open road with ko and zoe.
4. sunset on the beach with ko and zoe.

Blog Binge

Brace yourself for the blog binge to end all.

2 posts! And they said it couldn't done....those naysayers...always saying "nay".

I'll show them.

BTW...I won't be "purging" during my blog binge, in case you were worried.

And with that, as our disabled friend Joe might say in Family Guy:

"Let's do this!!"

02 April 2006

April Fools!!!

For you, dear reader, a look at some of the best April Fools hoaxes ever turned loose on a gullible public.....or, is the link a hoax in itself????

Click if you dare....wait a minute...what's Bobby Ewing doing in the shower? He died, right?