18 April 2008

Nothin' On My Mutton

so, i'm growing out some mutton chops. it's all part of a juvenile pact with my friend, jason.

unfortunately, he's not livin' up to his end. all he has to do is grow out a stache to accompany his flavor saver and goatee. he won't do it.

anyway, conventional wisdom says i can return to my standard burns anytime i wish now that the deal is off. i'm far from conventional. at least, when it comes to facial hair.

anyway, it's day 4 since the chops hath been harvested...and they're coming in nicely. got a nice bloated, drugged, dead on the toilet elvis thing going....always attractive.

nothin' but rave reviews from the missus and co-workers. more to come...including pics???

stay tuned...

09 April 2008

Deezer Nation - Unite!

"Music is the soundtrack of your life"
--some wise dude

If you love music and you love sharing your taste in music with the masses and you love rambling on and on and on and writing run-on sentences about music...have i got a URL for you.


Coincidence that the site's name closely relates to one of my all-time favorite bands? maybe...but i doubt it.

as for the site itself...it's fantastic. pick your favourite albums and artists, create playlists for your friends to peruse, or you can post playlists to your own site, myspace page, or blog (as i've done in the top right corner of this page. at press time...enjoy the van halen -- dlr era only)

need i say more? scurry off and discover the music goodness at deezer. if you sign up, don't forget to add me as a audiophile friend.

happy net hunting!