24 November 2005

We're Retiring!!

Before I get started...A special thanks to DStack and the lovely Layla for a beautiful feast at the Casa tonight. You guys can have me over for dinner anytime.

I'm sorry I won't be joining the boys for Sunday football at the BW3...next week, pen me in.

As for the retiring, ahh...what a wonderful dream.
But, here's some news that almost as good.

KO and I are moving to the land of retirees and palm trees.

Florida. Fort Myers, Florida, to be specific...

Note: Something really odd just happened while I was typing that I feel compelled to share.

We're both sitting here at 2 am...getting ready for bed since I have a flight back to Missouri in the morning.
The doorbell rings. I don't know about you, but if the doorbell's ringing at 2 am...it ain't good.
But, I can't ignore...as much as I want to. Whoever it is, they know I'm home...and up.

So I'm opening the door. There's this really freaked out guy, mid-30's...slender, standing about 10 feet back of the door.

Obviously, he knows how crazy it is to ring a doorbell at this hour...so he's giving me some space.

Plus, I'm a big guy...so he's a little jumpy around me. He hands me his ID and explains to me that he lives in a neighboring apartment with his girlfriend. She's just kicked him out of the house on Thanksgiving, and all he has to his name for the moment are the pennies in his pocket and the clothes on his back. No credit card. No cash. No gas in his truck. Just a Sears gift card.

The guy needs some help. Plus, it's Turkey Day...and I'm not leaving him in the cold.

One problem....I also have no money on me.

Then it hit me.

"Hold on one second...I think I can find something that might help you out a little".

I run into the kitchen...grab the coin jar and dig out a roll of quarters. After we marked out the account number on the side, I opened the door.

"I know it's not much...but here's $10 in quarters, if you can get your truck to the Spectrum around the corner...you should be able to make it to your mother's house."

Charlie shook my hand and thanked me again and again....wishing me and my family a happy Thanksgiving.

It's amazing how things like this happen so randomly sometimes.

To be honest, I would've helped out Charlie whether it was Thanksgiving or Tuesday.

But, it's times like this that make me truly thankful for everything I have. My love. My Zoe. My friends. My family.

So, I'm thanking all of you now for stopping by my little stop along the super-highway...most of you fall into my little lexicon of friends and family above....some of you may just be dropping in for a spell...but whatever the case, thanks for everything.

It's friends like all of you that make life wonderful.

PS: You can read more about the big news from The Sportslady. Also, get the story as it broke first from Kaos and, slightly and bitterly afterwards, TarheelTV.

Ciao, for now.
I'll try to post from the Kansas City branch this weekend...if not, we'll see you Tuesday.

Happy Turkey Day!!

22 November 2005

I've Got Hand...Don't I?

From Seinfeld Episode 31: "The Pez Dispenser"

George: No everything is *not* going good. I'm very uncomfortable. I have
no power. I mean, why should she have the upper hand. *Once* in
my life I would like the upper hand. I have no hand-- no hand at
all. She has the hand; I have *no* hand...
George: How do I get the hand?
Jerry: We all want the hand. Hand is tough to get. You gotta get the
hand right from the opening.
George: She's playing a recital this week at the McBierney School. You
wanna hear her play? I got two extra tickets, you and Elaine
could go...
Jerry: Yeah, that sounds like somethin'...
George: Then afterwards maybe we could all go out together. Y'know she'll
see me with my friends, she'll observe me as I really am, as myself.
Maybe I can get some hand that way.
[Kramer enters]
ELAINE: (laughs)
[Noel turns to Elaine. Jerry raises his eyes to heaven]
NOEL: That laugh. That's the laugh. That's it. You're the one.
ELAINE: No, no. It was an accident. It really wasn't my fault. It was Jerry.
Jerry put a Pez dispenser on my leg.
NOEL: You put a Pez dispenser on her leg during my recital?.
JERRY: I didn't know she would laugh.
NOEL: You lied to me George, you lied to me.
GEORGE: No, I, uh, um, wa, wa, What did I do? ... Where are you going?
NOEL: I ... am breaking up ... with you!
GEORGE: You can't break up with me. I've got hand.
NOEL: And you're going to need it.
[Noel exits, George chases her]
Isn't it funny how if you're in a relationship with someone, you want to have "hand", but when it comes to friendship, it's usually the opposite?

"Hand" in a relationship means having the last laugh, the upper hand that's crucial should the need arise to part ways.

But, no one wants to be in a friendship where the person that they're hanging with isn't as cool as them. What kind of good time is that?

Maybe that's why relationship where the two people are truly friends last so long.

The hands maintain the balance.

So ask yourself: Hand...or no hand?

19 November 2005

The Madness Continues...

KO always gets me with these. Here we go:

1. diamonds or pearls? Diamonds. They're shinier.

2. paperback or hardcover books? What are books? Are they on the internet?

3. carpet or hardwood floors? Since I don't like wearing slippers, I guess I have to go with carpet.

4. dogs or cats? Cats. That one's for you, Zoe.

5. fluffy or firm pillow? Fluffy...and body length. The bigger, the better.

6. fine point or medium point pens? Medium. I like a little girth to my calligraphy...if you know what I mean. *winks*

7. clocks a little fast or on time? Always a little fast, because the trick still works on me. Such a simple, simple man.

8. mahjong or spider solitaire (or other)? Mahjong.

9. wall calendar or desk calendar? Wall. No room on my desk.

10. 'Survivor' or 'The Amazing Race?' Amazing Race...though I could take or leave both.

18 November 2005

O & O At The Movies

Last night, KO and I finally got a chance to see Good Night, And Good Luck.

The verdict: A must see…for everyone.

Directed by George Clooney, the film looks at the historic battle between Senator Joseph McCarthy and Edward R. Murrow.

Murrow, considered to be the father of broadcast journalism, battles his network, the senator, and the papers with his rare editorializing in an effort to quell the Communist witch hunt spearheaded by McCarthy.

The film’s themes resonate clearly and can be applied to the politics of the day. For example, take this bold and brilliant commentary from Mr. Murrow and note how it, like the movie itself, applies today:

“We must not confuse dissent for disloyalty. We must remember always that accusation is not proof and that conviction depends upon evidence and due process of law. We will not walk in fear, one of another. We will not be driven by fear into an age of unreason, if we dig deep in our history and our doctrine, and remember that we are not descended from fearful men – not from men who feared to write, to speak, to associate and defend causes that were, for the moment, unpopular.”
-- Edward R. Murrow

The pacing of the movie was executed to perfection, and it’s refreshing to know that some Hollywood minds can still cut a film in the day of special effects and “re-imaginings”.

The film’s plot plays out very much like a Greek tragedy, complete with the Greek chorus, utilized brilliantly by Clooney and co-writer/producer Grant Heslow, in the role of the Jazz Singer.

I’ll be honest, old movies and black/white film stock has always been a favorite of mine, so some of my generation may not fully appreciate this movie.

To them I say: Get over it.

Plus, Clooney and Heslow’s story will engross you so fast that it shouldn’t even register.

If you’re looking for a special effects extravaganza, look elsewhere.

If you’re jonesing for a well-written film with wonderful performances from a motley of great actors, check out this movie.

With that, I'll leave you with this quote taken from Mr. Murrow's keynote speech at a Night in His Honor by the Radio and Television News Directors Association of America:

"I began by saying that our history will be what we make it. If we go on as we are, then history will take its revenge, and retribution will not limp in catching up with us.

We are to a large extent an imitative society. If one or two or three corporations would undertake to devote just a small traction of their advertising appropriation along the lines that I have suggested, the procedure would grow by contagion; the economic burden would be bearable, and there might ensue a most exciting adventure--exposure to ideas and the bringing of reality into the homes of the nation.

To those who say people wouldn't look; they wouldn't be interested; they're too complacent, indifferent and insulated, I can only reply: There is, in one reporter's opinion, considerable evidence against that contention. But even if they are right, what have they got to lose? Because if they are right, and this instrument is good for nothing but to entertain, amuse and insulate, then the tube is flickering now and we will soon see that the whole struggle is lost.

This instrument can teach, it can illuminate; yes, and it can even inspire. But it can do so only to the extent that humans are determined to use it to those ends. Otherwise it is merely wires and lights in a box. There is a great and perhaps decisive battle to be fought against ignorance, intolerance and indifference. This weapon of television could be useful.

Stonewall Jackson, who knew something about the use of weapons, is reported to have said, "When war comes, you must draw the sword and throw away the scabbard." The trouble with television is that it is rusting in the scabbard during a battle for survival."

Good Night, and Good Luck.

13 November 2005

Es "Locos" Abierto?

Sources close to me (OK...a friend at work) have informed me Saturday night that "consumer activity" was present around the new Locos Deli & Pub on 13th Street, in the Plaza de Miriam's.

This may seem like a small happening to many, but the opening of this new business has many of us at the station buzzing, pining for its doors to swing open and accept our hard earned currency in exchange for food, spirits, fun, and laughter.

At press time, this author feels that perhaps the proprietors are merely participating in "test runs", a time-honored restaurant warmup to make sure the food and customer service performs up to snuff.

With that, I put it to you, faithful reader:

Is Locos open, or are those bastards just toying with us? Your comments are welcome.

More on this story as details become available.

12 November 2005

Flighty Friday

Some Random Thoughts on this Friday Night Saturday Morning:

>>I just checked out the Walk The Line official site.

Very slick.

As for Ms. Witherspoon...Wow. I wasn't sure how the dark hair would look on her.

I stand corrected.

>>The SportsLady and I didn't get to the theatre to see Good Night and Good Luck (another great site)....maybe next week.

>>Big SEC weekend tilts (UGA-Auburn & LSU-Bama)...Will you be watching?

>>I'm making the bi-annual trip back to MO for Thanksgiving...plans are still up in the air.

>>I'm waiting with bated breath to see which new players Cards GM Jocketty will pick up in the Hot Stove.

I'm holding out hope for Brian Giles or Jacque Jones and maybe a new 2nd baseman. We'll see.

>>The Blues are soooo bad. Oy Vey.

>>Counting the days until my first Cottonmouths game of the season.

I'm jonesing for some hockey. Badly.

Enjoy the weekend.

09 November 2005

Touching Thy Inner Self

(With thanks to The SportsLady & Monday Madness)

1. Sometimes I wish I could just make everything alright for the ones I love.

2. If I could take a long weekend to drive to California with The SportsLady, I'd be very happy.

3. The world would be a better place if more people would just shut the fuck up and love each other.

4. One of my greatest qualities is my innate ability to (as Eric Idle would sing) look on the bright side of life.

5. The one thing about me that I need to work on is being a better listener. What? Huh?

6. Happiness is anything that starts or ends with the phrase "canoodling with my sweetie". Who doesn't love to canoodle? Or snuggle? Or both? That, dear reader, is one sad being.

Your turn. I expect participation.

03 November 2005

Waterworld, Or Breaking The Fourth Wall

The SportsLady and I are very excited about the grand opening of The Georgia Aquarium opening in Atlanta this coming November.

When the first people walk through its doors, it will officially become the world's largest aquarium. It will also host more than 100,000 animals from 500 species, and contains over eight million gallons of fresh and marine water.

Some of the attrations include the following:
1. Georgia Explorer
2. Ocean Voyager
3. Cold Water Quest
and, my personal favorite...The 4-D Theater, which makes its world premiere on November 23, 2005.

One question, though.

We live in 3 dimensions, length, width, and height.

If the 4th Dimension is commonly considered time...

Is not the opening date irrelevant?

If it is truly 4D, why can't it be open now?