24 November 2005

We're Retiring!!

Before I get started...A special thanks to DStack and the lovely Layla for a beautiful feast at the Casa tonight. You guys can have me over for dinner anytime.

I'm sorry I won't be joining the boys for Sunday football at the BW3...next week, pen me in.

As for the retiring, ahh...what a wonderful dream.
But, here's some news that almost as good.

KO and I are moving to the land of retirees and palm trees.

Florida. Fort Myers, Florida, to be specific...

Note: Something really odd just happened while I was typing that I feel compelled to share.

We're both sitting here at 2 am...getting ready for bed since I have a flight back to Missouri in the morning.
The doorbell rings. I don't know about you, but if the doorbell's ringing at 2 am...it ain't good.
But, I can't ignore...as much as I want to. Whoever it is, they know I'm home...and up.

So I'm opening the door. There's this really freaked out guy, mid-30's...slender, standing about 10 feet back of the door.

Obviously, he knows how crazy it is to ring a doorbell at this hour...so he's giving me some space.

Plus, I'm a big guy...so he's a little jumpy around me. He hands me his ID and explains to me that he lives in a neighboring apartment with his girlfriend. She's just kicked him out of the house on Thanksgiving, and all he has to his name for the moment are the pennies in his pocket and the clothes on his back. No credit card. No cash. No gas in his truck. Just a Sears gift card.

The guy needs some help. Plus, it's Turkey Day...and I'm not leaving him in the cold.

One problem....I also have no money on me.

Then it hit me.

"Hold on one second...I think I can find something that might help you out a little".

I run into the kitchen...grab the coin jar and dig out a roll of quarters. After we marked out the account number on the side, I opened the door.

"I know it's not much...but here's $10 in quarters, if you can get your truck to the Spectrum around the corner...you should be able to make it to your mother's house."

Charlie shook my hand and thanked me again and again....wishing me and my family a happy Thanksgiving.

It's amazing how things like this happen so randomly sometimes.

To be honest, I would've helped out Charlie whether it was Thanksgiving or Tuesday.

But, it's times like this that make me truly thankful for everything I have. My love. My Zoe. My friends. My family.

So, I'm thanking all of you now for stopping by my little stop along the super-highway...most of you fall into my little lexicon of friends and family above....some of you may just be dropping in for a spell...but whatever the case, thanks for everything.

It's friends like all of you that make life wonderful.

PS: You can read more about the big news from The Sportslady. Also, get the story as it broke first from Kaos and, slightly and bitterly afterwards, TarheelTV.

Ciao, for now.
I'll try to post from the Kansas City branch this weekend...if not, we'll see you Tuesday.

Happy Turkey Day!!
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