13 November 2005

Es "Locos" Abierto?

Sources close to me (OK...a friend at work) have informed me Saturday night that "consumer activity" was present around the new Locos Deli & Pub on 13th Street, in the Plaza de Miriam's.

This may seem like a small happening to many, but the opening of this new business has many of us at the station buzzing, pining for its doors to swing open and accept our hard earned currency in exchange for food, spirits, fun, and laughter.

At press time, this author feels that perhaps the proprietors are merely participating in "test runs", a time-honored restaurant warmup to make sure the food and customer service performs up to snuff.

With that, I put it to you, faithful reader:

Is Locos open, or are those bastards just toying with us? Your comments are welcome.

More on this story as details become available.
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