12 November 2005

Flighty Friday

Some Random Thoughts on this Friday Night Saturday Morning:

>>I just checked out the Walk The Line official site.

Very slick.

As for Ms. Witherspoon...Wow. I wasn't sure how the dark hair would look on her.

I stand corrected.

>>The SportsLady and I didn't get to the theatre to see Good Night and Good Luck (another great site)....maybe next week.

>>Big SEC weekend tilts (UGA-Auburn & LSU-Bama)...Will you be watching?

>>I'm making the bi-annual trip back to MO for Thanksgiving...plans are still up in the air.

>>I'm waiting with bated breath to see which new players Cards GM Jocketty will pick up in the Hot Stove.

I'm holding out hope for Brian Giles or Jacque Jones and maybe a new 2nd baseman. We'll see.

>>The Blues are soooo bad. Oy Vey.

>>Counting the days until my first Cottonmouths game of the season.

I'm jonesing for some hockey. Badly.

Enjoy the weekend.
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