03 November 2005

Waterworld, Or Breaking The Fourth Wall

The SportsLady and I are very excited about the grand opening of The Georgia Aquarium opening in Atlanta this coming November.

When the first people walk through its doors, it will officially become the world's largest aquarium. It will also host more than 100,000 animals from 500 species, and contains over eight million gallons of fresh and marine water.

Some of the attrations include the following:
1. Georgia Explorer
2. Ocean Voyager
3. Cold Water Quest
and, my personal favorite...The 4-D Theater, which makes its world premiere on November 23, 2005.

One question, though.

We live in 3 dimensions, length, width, and height.

If the 4th Dimension is commonly considered time...

Is not the opening date irrelevant?

If it is truly 4D, why can't it be open now?

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