30 June 2004

Fighting His Chrome Demons

A nice article on Jeff Tweedy of Wilco, his battle with prescription pills, and his stint in rehab.

PS: If you haven't picked up A Ghost Is Born, what are you waiting on?

29 June 2004

Hi, I'm the best back in football.

Priest or L.T.?

What, like you're not already thinking about football?

Well, if any of you know me well at all, I'm a little biased here.

So read on and decide for yourself.

With me, SI is preaching to the converted.

28 June 2004

Royal Acquisition

The Royals made another move today.

Not sure as to the significance, but I must protest that it got the wheels turning as to how close KC is to trading off Joe Randa, until it became apparent that it was to fill a hole at third with Randa heading for the DL and surgery.

Will Randa be next on the Royals chop block?

The countdown to the Teahan Era in Kansas City swings into gear.

27 June 2004

New Blues no. 1 goaltender Patrick Lalime

Welcome to Goalietown

What has gotten into the Blues?

Last week at this time, goaltending was arguably the organ-i-zation's weakest position in terms of depth and talent.

Fast forward to today's net-mindful Blues:
-acquired 2001's 26th overall (1st round) draft pick netminder from Dallas. [Bacashihua]
-stole the top European goaltender in the 2004 draft on Saturday. [Marek Schwarz]
-traded a 2005 4th round pick Sunday for the Senators (and now Blues) no. 1 goalie. [Patrick Lalime]

Going from a huge question mark to a team strength is more than enough to get me ready for the next NHL season...whenever they decide to drop the puck.

Big thumbs up to Pleau and his staff. I can hear the naysayers are scrambling for something bashworthy right now. Keep digging.

Projected Blues Depth Chart in Net

1. Lalime
2. Bacashihua "Cash"

Worchester IceCats
1. Sanford
2. Divis

1. Rudykowsky

1. Schwarz

26 June 2004

I call this Blues Steal

How much do I love my Blues now?

Two days ago, they traded last year's 30th pick overall, D Shawn Belle, for Dallas' 2003 26th overall, G Jason Bacashihua (or "Cash"). With that transaction, the Blues added to a weak net corps in the hopes that "Cash" would pay off in the future.
Blues no. 1 pick Marek Schwarz
But the real heist came on draft day. With their 17th pick in the 2004 Draft, St. Louis grabbed arguably the top netminder in the draft, goaltender Marek Schwarz.

The only complaint I can find is should the Blues have waited to make the Belle deal after the draft?
My response: How do we know that Dallas wouldn't have just gone with a D-man in the draft? If you told me before the draft that the Blues would have a shot at one of the draft's top 2 goalies, I'd asked for a hit of what you're smoking.

This is the best pick the Blues have made in 5 years, since grabbing Jackman at 17 in 1999.

Nice work, Jarko. That extension is well deserved.

Vive le Blue!

Marek SchwarzBlues no. 1 pick Marek Schwarz
Position: goaltender
Team: HC Sparta Praha Sr.
Birthdate: April, 1st, 1986
Birthplace: Mlada Boleslav, Czech Republic
Height: 6'0”
Weight: 173 lbs.
Catches: R
CSB final rank: 1st among European goaltenders

At 6'0”, 173 pounds, Schwartz already possesses decent size, covers the net quite well and has considerable smarts. He plays a butterfly style which is very effective and makes it tough to beat him low. Schwarz is a resilient goalie with exceptional quickness and reflexes. He uses his pads well and has a quick glove hand. He also likes to challenge the shooter and plays the angles with remarkable poise. He impresses with his confidence and doesn't let in many bad goals. On the mental side he seems to be tough, but still sometimes tends to lose focus for a while. His drawbacks are average skating and he has to further develop his stickhandling. Schwarz’s play with the puck isn't very good, but he is aware of this and working on this skill. This season Schwarz developed a penchant to go down sometimes too early, thus leaving the upper half uncovered and vulnerable to shooters. He has to get rid of this habit, but nevertheless he is the most talented netminder from this year's European crop. Schwarz won't fall past the Top 15 as he has all the tools of a future NHL starter.
2004 St. Louis Blues draft picks

24 June 2004

Thanks Carlos

Well, the third best player to ever don a Royals uniform is headed to Houston.

Although it was a foregone conclusion that Beltran wouldn't continue to darken the centerfield grass at Kauffman after this year, it's still a little rough to stomach.
The idealist in me wanted Carlos to shun his greedy, life-sucking agent Scott Boras and stay with the team where he won the AL Rookie of the Year and grew up before our eyes.

But, just like that moment when a parent sending his son off to college, it's for his own good. Now he can work to fulfill his talent on a contending team, and possibly realize the dream of so many: a ring of his own.

I'll continue to follow Carlos on his quest...and watch him seduce a entire legion of new fans. Those long, graceful strides eating up the outfield grass, on his way to a spectacular, effortless catch. That incredible power from both sides of the plate, and his ability to toy with pitchers once he's on the basepaths.

Buen Suerte, Senor Beltran. You deserve it. Houston: Take care of him...and keep those damn Yankees away.

A Ghost is Born

What's that you say? Another even-numbered year? I guess that can only mean one thing: Another masterpiece by Wilco.

Well, that's merely this author's opinion...just one man.
And, another.
One dude, not so much...but then,
yet another...ah, you get the idea.

If you're a fan, pick it up. If you're not, pick it up anyway. You just might have a paranormal experience.
(The author also recommends you first listen the Wilco's previous and best album, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, before indulging in Ghost. Also, do not operate heavy machinery.

I call it "Blue Steel"...

...and it's all the rage. Hope you like the latest shape shift made by the good folks at COD Blog.

Maybe this will motivate the Creative Dept. to stay busy filling your screen with witty banter.

Yeah, I'll believe it when I see it, too.