24 June 2004

Thanks Carlos

Well, the third best player to ever don a Royals uniform is headed to Houston.

Although it was a foregone conclusion that Beltran wouldn't continue to darken the centerfield grass at Kauffman after this year, it's still a little rough to stomach.
The idealist in me wanted Carlos to shun his greedy, life-sucking agent Scott Boras and stay with the team where he won the AL Rookie of the Year and grew up before our eyes.

But, just like that moment when a parent sending his son off to college, it's for his own good. Now he can work to fulfill his talent on a contending team, and possibly realize the dream of so many: a ring of his own.

I'll continue to follow Carlos on his quest...and watch him seduce a entire legion of new fans. Those long, graceful strides eating up the outfield grass, on his way to a spectacular, effortless catch. That incredible power from both sides of the plate, and his ability to toy with pitchers once he's on the basepaths.

Buen Suerte, Senor Beltran. You deserve it. Houston: Take care of him...and keep those damn Yankees away.

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