27 June 2004

New Blues no. 1 goaltender Patrick Lalime

Welcome to Goalietown

What has gotten into the Blues?

Last week at this time, goaltending was arguably the organ-i-zation's weakest position in terms of depth and talent.

Fast forward to today's net-mindful Blues:
-acquired 2001's 26th overall (1st round) draft pick netminder from Dallas. [Bacashihua]
-stole the top European goaltender in the 2004 draft on Saturday. [Marek Schwarz]
-traded a 2005 4th round pick Sunday for the Senators (and now Blues) no. 1 goalie. [Patrick Lalime]

Going from a huge question mark to a team strength is more than enough to get me ready for the next NHL season...whenever they decide to drop the puck.

Big thumbs up to Pleau and his staff. I can hear the naysayers are scrambling for something bashworthy right now. Keep digging.

Projected Blues Depth Chart in Net

1. Lalime
2. Bacashihua "Cash"

Worchester IceCats
1. Sanford
2. Divis

1. Rudykowsky

1. Schwarz
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