09 November 2005

Touching Thy Inner Self

(With thanks to The SportsLady & Monday Madness)

1. Sometimes I wish I could just make everything alright for the ones I love.

2. If I could take a long weekend to drive to California with The SportsLady, I'd be very happy.

3. The world would be a better place if more people would just shut the fuck up and love each other.

4. One of my greatest qualities is my innate ability to (as Eric Idle would sing) look on the bright side of life.

5. The one thing about me that I need to work on is being a better listener. What? Huh?

6. Happiness is anything that starts or ends with the phrase "canoodling with my sweetie". Who doesn't love to canoodle? Or snuggle? Or both? That, dear reader, is one sad being.

Your turn. I expect participation.
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