01 December 2005

Thursday Madness

1. I've always been afraid of fluffy bunnies er,...what other people think about me. (I agree with KO.)
2. People should not talk on cell phones while people can be annoyed by them....how's that for a broad answer?
3. The one thing I look forward to every day is that first cup of coffee in the morn...oh wait, I hate coffee!!
Let's go with the daily blog buzz and emails that don't deal with work.
4. My first meal of the day usually consists of Diet Pepsi. Sometimes Diet Mountain Dew....if I'm feeling especially peckish...we'll have a Cinnamon Disk....breakfast of champions!! It's how I maintain my girlish figure.
5. It seems like cleaning is a never-ending job. Agreed!!
6. The last time I painted a room in my house/apartment was never, at least what I can think of...yeah, pretty sure it's never.
7. The next time I paint, I'd like to paint my first house in earth tones...though we'll have to run it all by the boss first.
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