09 December 2005

The Case For Basil

Author's Note: The following is an email that was sent along to our good friend Richard at The Blog of Columbus regarding our other blogger pal Basil's big announcement in that space:

Hi Richard-

I just finished perusing your post entitled "A Dash of Basil".

I writing to confirm to you that Basil is a very big Catfish fan. In fact, I would venture to say that he's their #1 fan. The SportsLady and I had many wonderful conversations with Basil at the games the last two summers, and with the impending move to the Sunshine State, we'll miss the chance to rekindle our "horsehide chats" behind home plate.

At any rate, I'm taking this opportunity to congratulate Basil on being named a finalist for the Weblog Awards. It couldn't have happened to a better guy....that roots for the Fish.

Ciao...for now.

Again, mazel tov to our man Basil. Good Luck in the finals.
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