23 December 2005

Marquee Matchup

Here’s a game for you to play at your workplace:
If they ever make a movie about your life at work, who would play you in the title role? Your co-workers?

Here’s my casting list (with a little help from my friends)

Cast (in alphabetical order)

Amanda – Linda Fiorentino
Andrew – Matt Damon
Ashley – Emily Proctor
B-Pizzle – Larry Joe Campbell
Chuck – Ed Asner
Cory - Donal Logue
C-Rob – Dave Chappelle
Dave – Brian Dennehy
Deb – Debra Messing
Dee – Alfre Woodward
Drew – Michael Genadry
Fadell - Regina Hall
Hayley – Maggie Gyllenhaal
Jade – Regina King
Jessica – Poppy Montgomery
Jonathon – Anthony Anderson
Kari – Lucy Liu
Kirsten – Laura Dern
Layla – Courteney Cox Arquette
Liz – Marcia Cross
Robert – Dustin Hoffman
Sean – Ethan Embry
Semone – Suzzanne Douglass
Wayne – Jerry Orbach

Note: These are only a few that we could come up with, but we encourage you the reader to add your ideas, matches and thoughts on other people-actor look-a-likes in the comments below.

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