18 April 2008

Nothin' On My Mutton

so, i'm growing out some mutton chops. it's all part of a juvenile pact with my friend, jason.

unfortunately, he's not livin' up to his end. all he has to do is grow out a stache to accompany his flavor saver and goatee. he won't do it.

anyway, conventional wisdom says i can return to my standard burns anytime i wish now that the deal is off. i'm far from conventional. at least, when it comes to facial hair.

anyway, it's day 4 since the chops hath been harvested...and they're coming in nicely. got a nice bloated, drugged, dead on the toilet elvis thing going....always attractive.

nothin' but rave reviews from the missus and co-workers. more to come...including pics???

stay tuned...
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