16 October 2002

Well, at least Ozzy likes hockey...and what a team!

Week 6
I know what you're saying....what happened to weeks 4 and 5? Don't ask. All I know is the pool is thinning out one week at a time, with only 4 still undefeated. Good luck next week. Go Chiefs! Go Rams!
1. Jason Malone: record 6-0
Teams used: Miami, San Diego, NYG, Philadelphia, Indianapolis, Buffalo
1. Cathy March: record 6-0
Teams used: Miami, Cleveland, Green Bay, Philadelphia, Kansas City, Buffalo
1. Cory O'Donnell: record 6-0
Teams used: Indianapolis, San Diego, Atlanta, Tampa Bay, Kansas City, Buffalo
1. Chuck Thomas: record 6-0
Teams used: Carolina, San Diego, New England, Tampa Bay, Indianapolis, Buffalo

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