31 August 2005

Pump Paranoia

A Special Shout Out...

A big THANKS to all the jackasses that flipped at a stupid rumor and rushed to the pump to drive up demand and along with it...the price of gas.

Thanks to you, the Spectrum next to my house went from $2.69 at noon today...to $3.09 at 10pm.

40 cents in 10 hours? Nice work, y'all. When you break a record high for gas, you go for the gusto.

I'm not naive enough to think that the price of gas would have hit 3 dollars by Monday...that's most likely the case.

Still, if everyone hadn't freaked out, left work early (maybe I should blame your bosses?) and created the logjam at the pumps today....at least we could've enjoyed sub-$3.00 prices through the weekend.

Everyone wants to blame the gas stations, saying that the price gouging is getting out of hand.

They're partly right.

Look in the mirrors and blame yourselves instead.
Your paranoia today only makes the situation monumentally worse.

Gloat if you wish about the fact that you waited in a line 10 cars deep, wasted your boss' money, and filled up your car...just to prove that you're proactive.

All you have proven is that you're part of the problem.

I'd hate to think about what happens the next time someone starts a rumor.

Speaking of which, I heard that the Chattahoochee is running red with the blood of all sinners.

Pass it on.
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