29 August 2005

Just What I Needed


I'm so pissed.

I've spent the last 20 minutes rummaging through my very extensive CD collection looking for my Cars Anthology to listen to this week.

I can't find it anywhere.

Granted, my collection's about as organized as Iraq's "democracy", but that's beside the point. Yeah...she's married to the scary-looking guy from The Cars

I needed some synthesized hand claps in my head.

Whatever your opinion happens to be on the new wave group fronted by Ric Ocasek (the skinny freaky guy that later produced Weezer's Blue Album and married model Paulina Porizkova), I think they're genius. Their whole catalog is amazing.

It didn't hurt that uber-producer Mutt Lange produced Heartbeat City.

Any other Cars fans out there? If so, holla back, yo.
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