18 August 2005

SEC Pick 'em

Ah, SEC football.

I remember a time when I used to quarrel with Matty Du-P back in the day about the various degrees of dominance in the college football conferences around the country.

Those arguments used to end in a reluctant recession to the SEC, with the Big XII and the Big Ten close on their heels.

What a foolish young man I was.

I have since learned the error of my ways, and have become about as rabid a supporter of the SEC as a Midwestern boy can become, hailing it the best conference in college football, bar none.

So, it should come as no surprise that when Sin City BBQ posted a SEC Pick ‘em game on his site, I weighed in swiftly with my prognostications.
Won’t you join us?

Week 1 picks are up and ready for your participation.

Happy pickin’.
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