24 March 2003

...And All That $%#^& Jazz

OK, It' s official...I've &%%ing had it with that damn Chicago song that they played at the Oscars after every win. Don't get me wrong...I loved the movie, but for the love of cripes, I can't stand that freakin' song anymore! And another thing...how about giving an Oscar to some other movie? "Gangs of New York" walking away empty handed? Come on! How about Costume Design? Art Direction? Director? OK...I was really happy with Brody winning Best Actor, and anything "The Pianist" received was well deserved, but throw me a bone here!

But I digress.

For more winners, or just to bask in the "Chicago" love fest, check here.

BTW...Sir Sean should've worn the kilt. That would've rocked.
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