23 April 2003


Though I'm sure many of you are shocked by this, I am a long-suffering Royals fan.

Before I get any crap, I have the pictures to prove it. George Brett is the greatest baseball player to walk God's green earth...and prior to a man named Glass buying the team and running it into the ground to fatten his pockets (don't even get me going down that road), The Kansas City Baseball Club actually won a World Series and used to scare the pinstripes off those Bronx Bombers every October (albeit before going home for the winter courtesy of that king of K's Reggie Jackson or Chambliss).

Now, the boys in blue (though i'd prefer the powder blue unis and am praying for a timely comeback in 2003) are one of the hottest teams in the league, resting atop the AL standings with a 15-3 record.

Many will call it a fluke.

Many will be right.

But, nevertheless, I am basking in the glow of an optimistic start for my beloved Royals.


ATTN: Baseball fans

Check out these great sites: Baseball Musings and Rob and Rany on the Royals

Great info and insight by some masters of the lost art of baseball sportswriting. David Pinto was the host the now defunct Baseball Tonight Online and Rob Neyer is a freelance columnist for espn.com and like his friend Rany and myself, has a soft spot for the Royals.


A Sad "Note"...

It's official. The Blues' season is done. While I'm taking this much better than I expected (I'm sure the Av's going home early has remedied the problem). This offseason should be interesting...


Let's get Wild

Ladies and gents, I'm backing a new horse. The Minnesota Wild toppled the arch-nemesi (plural) Colorado Avalanche and the Dark Lord Paddy Roy from the playoffs.

What better team to root for? What better city to root for? Need I say more?

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