29 October 2004

Crooked Rain on the Pavement

"Go back to those Gold Soundz...
...Because it's something that I don't like
Is it a crisis or a boring change?"
-- Lyric from "Gold Soundz"

A couple of days ago, perhaps to help cheer me up from the rough play of the Cards in the World Series, I re-visited an old friend in a new way.

Pavement is at it again, a year after re-releasing their critically-acclaimed debut album Slanted & Enchanted with a ReDuxe double disc version.

Tuesday came a steady rain.

The defunct band's sophomore effort (and my personal favorite) hit stores this week and I nearly missed the festivites. Not that there were any, but you get the idea.

Matador Records brings another excellent re-release, with 2 discs packed with b-sides, tons of unreleased material, and much more.

If you feel a nostalgic itch to re-visit one of the best albums of the 90's, I highly recommend this journey, especially if you're discovering the band for the first time.

Pavement has never sounded better.
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