22 October 2004

Working The Count

In the midst of all the celebration, let me take my Debbie Downer position on the soapbox for a moment:

Brian Gunn of Redbird Nation had this to write in his celebratory post following last night's Game 7 victory, sending our beloved Cardinals to the World Series:

"Rolen's homer was set up by the good looks our hitters got of Roger Clemens early on."

For my money, this was one of the forgotten themes of the games in Houston. Those ball games are different if the Cards work the count.
Walker, Pujols, Rolen, Renteria...they understood that.

Last night, the Cards looked like that scary team making a pitcher work for outs. Hopefully, it continues to be a trend and not a mirage.

Tony Womack showed us last night the size of his heart and the kind of play that made him a sparkplug for this team's success. As heroic a game that he played last night, I hope in the WS he recognizes the importance of making that guy on the hill sweat and remembers to take a few pitches for the good of the team.

With that in mind,

Go Cards!
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