27 May 2003

Happy Memorial Day

So, since Kirsten can't ever get a day off from her job, I spent Memorial Day at work with her as she helped me gather sports footage for a promo.

You see, Kirsten's boss, Dave, saves everything that either one of them shoots for work, so there are boxes upon boxes of tapes of everything local sports image under the sun at our disposal. Need a shot of Frank Thomas playing high school football? Got it. How about the late Darryl Kile pitching for the thrice-removed defunct Columbus Astros? How much do you need? It's great, just not an easy cataloging system to decipher unless you have unlimited access to Dave's gray matter.

So, that's what we did...spent three hours dubbing over 8 minutes of clips for a 30 second promo. Seems like overkill, but it's a necessary evil.

That's my Memorial Day story. Dubbing video, and looking for bowling shoes. But hey, I did get my hair cut today! (A Little Off The Top Please, 5.26.03)

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