18 April 2007

When Perception Meets Prejudice

Every day, I watch the coverage of the Virginia Tech killings.
Every day, the media focus on more and more insignificant things associated with the killer, like the fact that he's lived in the US since age 8, yet the first thing you see attached to him is "native of South Korea".  Also, descriptions of him being "sullen" and a "loner".  How many people do you know that fall under that same umbrella?
Every day, the next expert du jour talks about all the warning signs exuded by Cho Sueng Hui, how the campus should've been locked down, and how it all could've possibly been prevented.
You want to know what I think the real story is?
All that stuff is bullshit.  This could've happened anywhere at any time.  Yes, Cho sounds disturbed...but no more so than many people in this country.  All the other stuff is just fishing for a way to separate a mass murderer from the masses.
We all think there are always warning signs.  The real scary part is that it's not a stretch to think that your neighbor, your co-worker, your friend could be capable of the same thing. 
That is what really scares me.
My apologies if I seem a bit terse and cold in my commentary.  My heart goes out to all those affected by this horrific tragedy. 
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