14 January 2008

Welcome Back, Old Friend

As KO mentioned here...

A few days previous, KO was able to resurrect a dear member of the family.

No, no...Zoe didn't suddenly fall victim to a coma....shame on you for even thinking it.

Instead, our dear Tivo was restored with a new and improved 160 GB hard drive, rendering it 4 times faster than she was during her previous 3 year tour of duty.

I cannot tell you how much I've missed her.
NO LONGER will I require deciphering a show by (gasp!) recognizing the characters and cross-referencing them through my internal catalogue of banal and useless information embedded betwixed my ears.

NO LONGER will the need arise to dust off some outdated reel to reel media and relay all those lines of resolution onto a piece of plastic known throughout the latter half of the previous century as
V-I-D-E-O T-A-P-E.
The fact that the antique contraption utilized in said recording hasn't been submitted to the Smithsonian as a whimsical relic, recalling to mind the good-ole-days, is a feat in itself.

NO LONGER will our bedroom TV be subjected to the substandard world it knew too well not so long ago. You would be a fool to think that such a thing could 0ccur with retaliation.

I put it to you, Greg....Isn't the mere thought that this atrocity occurred without swift judiciary action by some anagrammed governing body....well, is that not a clear example of cruel and unusual punishment?

I would say so.

Instead, after a week of reverting back to the dark ages, KO began the delicate work of bringing our beloved antennaed companion back from the brink.

After a tension-filled half hour, like Jesus pulling Lazarus from his tomb, KO emerged from the delicate procedure and defiantly called me with the sweetest sounds these ears have captured since the day she said "I do": (I'm talking about KO....stay with me.)
The euphoric start-up animation we've both come to know and love: Our Tivo was home again.

Now, our dear friend is back and better than ever, doing all the legwork...finding our favorite shows...prepping it all for hours of entertainment....and what doth she receive in return?
Only my undying adoration.

When I sit back and think hard about the lesson we've all learned in the dramatic tale of love, loss, and redemption...I can only think of the immortal words uttered by the sage-like hair band Cinderella:

Don't know what you got
'Til it's gone

Truer words were ne'er spoken.

Thanks for fighting the good fight, old pal.
May the road ahead be filled with nothing but green fields and thumbs way up.
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