14 January 2009

Baby Laughing at Baby Laughing at Wii

This really cracked me up.

An old high school friend of mine has a blog chronicling his young growing family's life and times. It's a really sweet site, filled with great videos of his young son crawling around Disney, fun family events, and other great memories that they'll cherish for a lifetime.

One of his posts involves Justin capturing the strange and adorable giggling fits his son goes into when he watching another YouTube clip of a baby laughing at his dad playing Wii golf. All I can say is: If that kid has that much fun watching his dad play Wii golf, I've got to get a Wii. But, we knew that already.

Heretofore is the clip that young Alex can't stop laughing at...Baby Laughing at Wii:

Great stuff, huh? Nothing beats a good belly laugh.

Now...here's Alex watching the above videos (you can see the original post w/ all 3 videos here.)

Tell me that's not great. Hope you enjoyed it. I know I did...and Alex, too.

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