20 July 2009

My First 8 Tracks Online Music MixTape

I'm trying out this music mix creation site called 8Tracks.

It works just like any other social network...create account..make profile, post bio, etc. Then, when you're all signed up...you can make "mixtapes" of at least 8 music tracks from their impressively stocked library.

What makes it different from other music sharing sites? I'll tell you.

I love making mix CDs..and before that mixtapes. I'm of the Rob Gordon mold who expresses my many moods and random music tastes through the use of a sonic encyclopedia that conveys the many sides and shades of my psyche.

Sorry to get a little sappy and weird with that last sentence..but it's true.

This site gave me an online outlet to throw out 8 songs rattling around in my head at the moment. I tried to order them in an easy to listen format...much like a album.

But, let's be honest. There's very little in common with all these artists. Except that I love them all.

So, expect more random audio droppings such as this in the future. I'll try to explain here why they're stuck in my head at the moment.

With that..my first mix:

1. Too Fast For Love > Motley Crue
I've been a little obsessed lately with trying to replace my lost CDs of the first 3 Crue albums...looking for that G Hits Red White and Crue is hard to find. Anyone got the 1st 3 albums they wanna burn for me? I'll be eternally grateful. Until then, I'll just listen here, on Blip.fm and Sirius/XM Hair Nation.

2. You Never Know > Wilco
I just bought the new Wilco album (review here). I'm really enjoying it, and could've put many songs on this list..but I put this on on..because it reminds me (and KO) of the next song of my list...

3. My Sweet Lord > George Harrison
Great, great song. Just gorgeous...and I hadn't thought of it in years...until the new Wilco album. Now, I just want to listen to it. I hope you can understand.

4. What Will You Do When Your Suntan Fades? > Beulah
This is one of my favorite songs by Beulah. Great to listen to on a sunny Florida day at the beach. It's the song that inspired the "album art" on the mix player. Interesting note: The album this song was on was released on September 11, 2001. A little creepy, huh? Like a rose in a desert of sadness and loss.

5. In the Garage > Weezer
I was hanging at a friend's house last Saturday..and the lady of the house did me a solid: playing The Blue Album. If you know me...it'll be no surprise that it's my favorite album of all time..and this is close to my favorite song on the record. (Say it Ain't So is tops) I picked this b/c it's a good fit @ this stage in the mix. I hope you agree.

6. Wynona's Big Brown Beaver > Primus
Song's been coming and going in my psyche since I saw Zak & Miri. I've always liked it...and I wore it out for a week earlier this year.

7. Cut Your Hair > Pavement
This is a random selection. I really wanted to put in a Pavement song among all these other '90s songs...and settled on the most accessible. Is it their best? Not hardly. But, good song, for sure.

8. Mystifies Me( Ron Wood Cover) > Son Volt
A great closer. One of the better covers from a great band and great songwriter in his own right, Son Volt's Jay Farrar. This Stones cover is a great song by them...but, in the hands of Farrar...really moves me still to this day. It's the closing track from Son Volt's debut album, Trace, one of the best records from that decade, IMO. Closing tracks are very important to me...just as much as openers. I'm careful to find the right one when I make a mixtape. I hope you enjoyed this little trip as much as I did...thanks to 8tracks.com.

Update: I just noticed that it plays it as a random mix...so all that effort to present it in a specific order was all for not. Oh well...at least YOU know the order.

The things I do for you people.

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