27 January 2003

That's a pair of Red Wing boots and 4 tickets to see Skynyrd.
Down the drain.

Well, the great elimination pool has come and gone, along with another NFL season. On top of that, even though I was a front-runner thoughout the entire season, so much so as to leading be a win in the final two weeks, the lowly Bengals managed to screw me over royally.
Maybe I'm being a little too hard on the Bungles. I mean, just because their only 2 wins came on weeks that I picked against them.
See, one of my sub-strategies of the season was the pick the lowliest team in the league [i.e. Cincy], and in a tough week here or there, ride their opponent till she bucks me. This strategy worked beautifully, so naturally, I got a little cocky.
What's the old saying in Vegas? Quit when you're ahead? Should've heeded those wise words.
Instead, I went for Houston over Cincy in Week 9. Sounded good in theory. The Texans were one of the better expansion franchises in recent memory, and the Bengals were....well, the Bengals. It should also be noted that I worked ahead to map out the rest of the season's picks, and save any unforeseen collapses or hot stretches, was looking in the face at a conceivable perfect season. Not so fast, Bob Griese! Hold up, Don Shula! Your perfect record is in jeopardy.
Needless to say, I lost the game, bringing me into a tie with the other front-runners in the league. No worries. I've still got the rest of the season locked up, and Cincy had to win ONE game, right? Right?
See, this is where the blame shifts from Ohio to the Big Easy. Hey, I sure as hell am not going to blame myself.
So here we are, Week 16, again in front by a game on the pack, everyone pissed at me for sticking to my bread and butter, dancing with the one who brung me, and whatnot, and the Saints, with their division leading record, are strolling into Paul Brown Stadium for a late season tilt with the Bengals.
Now, keep in mind that the Saints have been seriously underachieving since Week 5, and, in hindsight, the well was running dry. But , c'mon, the Bengals?!
Famous last words. Like a broken record of the Week 9 debacle, although much worse. At least Houston was an expansion team. Plus, as if losing wasn't bad enough, if the Saints had pulled it out, I could've taken a bye the next week and WON.
One hundred seventy dollars. Gone. Thanks New Orleans.
So, here I am...A huge Chiefs fan....season tickets, the whole nine....rooting for the hated Raiders to win the Super Bowl.
A sure sign of the apocalyse.
That should've been enough to make me a Bucs booster, but alas, 'twas not meant to be this year.
Oh well. Only another month till I throw away ten more bucks for a piece of paper with a bracket on it.
Ain't life grand?
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