21 January 2003

Hooks 'n Horns

Is it just me, or do more rock bands need a horn section? Not all the time, mind you, but much like the cowbell, a little couldn't hurt (Oh, who am I kidding? I need all the cowbell I can stand).
But seriously, I've been hooked on The Doobie Brothers G Hits Vol II (They made more than one? hehe), and I love "Dependin' on You". The horns in the song are great. Now I know a lot of great bands over the years incorporate horns into their music, albeit few and far between. My best most recent example would be Wilco's "Monday" (though admittedly not that recent) and not so recently the sax solo in The Stones' "Brown Sugar".
I'd love to hear more horns in music, but alas, no one cares to make music like Elvis any more.
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