17 February 2003

Defense rests, your honor

Dear Reader:
This post is more of a rebuttal to a post at a great website by someone near and dear to me.
It's a rather long post...and you can read it here.

A note to the reader:
I was there that night watching the train wreck unfold.
Let me disclaim my forthcoming aside by saying this. I have an easy job. I can say this because my last job had me working
to the editing/producing bone. I accept that. It made me a better producer in the long run. But now, my job is very good.

Now, with that in mind, a few things to point out from my biased TV-savvy perspective:

1) KO is the very definition of poise. In fact, I can say with complete certainty that it is one of her immense talents that sets
her apart from her peers. When she "f's up", usually it goes unnoticed to the untrained eye. The only part that makes it
noticable is what is ultimately the production team's fault.

2) With the above in mind, sure, the video didn't match, but she segued nicely to the casual observer. The thing with this
business is that if you've hung around long enough, you can tell just from watching a newscast what mistakes are happening
and even whose to blame. Considering this, I didn't notice for a second that she didn't have her scripts for the first story

3) Quite a few people think that doing the sports segment is a fun, easy, effortless task. Well, one's right. Some of the time.
I would contend that it's the toughest job of all the anchor positions. You write and produce everything (unlike news at this
market), plus you have to shoot all your local stuff, and all this while forever being short-staffed.

There...quick and painless. Hey...this wasn't THAT long....(sigh).
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