28 February 2003

My 11 day fast is over

Finally, I can post again....ah, screw it. Those people that know me well are fully aware that the only reason I haven't posted in ages is the fact that I'm too lazy.
Guilty as charged.

Anyway, not much happening here in the next day or two. KO will be in the Iron City (no...not that one) for the Alabama B-Ball Final 4, and I will finish out the work week and retire to the homestead.
Oh well. The good thing is "Narc" has made its arrival to the Carmike 7...I smell a late mid-week showing in my future.
Oh, yeah...and the Blues finally snapped their 3 game losing streak, with the help of their minor league goalie and $29 million sitting on the bench, and that's just 3 players.
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