18 December 2003

A Little Levity in a World of Cell Phone Celebrations

I love Dan Patrick. Not in a gay way, mind you, but a "damn, he's a funny dude" way.
Along those same lines, I'm a big fan of the Dan Patrick Show on ESPN Radio . I listen to it everyday while I'm working.

On most days, the show tends to lean toward the lighter side of sports, interspliced with guest interviews from athletes to actors and civilians to CEOs. Basically like most sports talk radio shows on the dial.

Today, however, perhaps to take a break from the bickering and arguing over the Joe Horn cell phone call, Dan introduced a great story that took place in Omaha, Nebraska over the weekend.

A young man named Brandon Peel displayed a level of sportsmanship that, to be honest, used to be more prevalent in our society.

I won't bore you with a synopsis of the event when you can read about it here. What I can do is urge you to click on the link. I found myself welling up over the unselfishness, class, and maturity shown by this 18 year old.

If only 32 year old professional football players could take a cue from this kid. I don't mean to single out the Joe Horns oand the Terrell Owens of the world. In the NFL, The "Me Above the Team" is an epidemic.

But, Joe Horn has been quoted numerous times that his act was purely for "entertaining the fans".

You know what, Joe, you're right. I'd much rather watch you absorb a national audience with an unoriginal selfish act than see an 18 year old kid give the most priceless gift to a 15 year old kid with Downs: a smile and a chance to touch his dream of wrestling.

What was I thinking?
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