22 December 2003

Let's Go....Broncos?

In an odd twist, I found myself rooting for my favorite NFL team's fiercest rival, the Denver Broncos, to win their game last night.

There is a logical reason for this.

With the Broncos' defeat of the Colts @ Indianapolis, The Kansas City Chiefs, despite their wretched showing on Saturday against the Vikings, clinched a first-round bye for the playoffs, clearing up a small part of the playoff picture.

Also buried in the muck that was the Vikings' trouncing of KC was a milestone for the Mainframe's favorite MVP frontrunner and theologian, Priest Holmes. With his second 3 TD day in as many weeks, Holmes tied the single season-rushing TD record held by Emmitt Smith with his 25th paydirt carry. To give an example of how many TDs that is for one player, keep in mind that the closest anyone else is to him in rushing touchdowns is a team, the Broncos, with 20.

With one game remaining next week, Priest needs one rushing touchdown to break said record and two TDs to tie the single season TD record of 26 total touchdowns held by St Louis Rams great Marshall Faulk.

Needless to say, I don't think his holiness will take the day off this Sunday.
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